Artist Sarah Graham is always losing her marbles?!

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Hello Sarah Graham fans! It seems that almost all of the most popular artists are releasing new work at the moment but this time it is Sarah Graham’s we are loving!

True to her usual style, she has painted brightly coloured sweets and toys. Her realistic pictures lead people to believe her pictures are photographs or some photoshop creation when of course they are from her own brush!

‘Lollipop Carousel’ by Sarah Graham
(Limited edition box canvas)

Her unique style is amazing & the attention to detail makes you believe how real they look; Sarah is indeed an extremely talented artist.

I especially love the vibrant colours and the way she has shown the light reflecting in all the creases of the sweet wrappers.

‘Found My Marbles’ by Sarah Graham
(Limited edition box canvas)

Wow. This is a very difficult subject to paint because there is so much light refraction in the glass, distorting the colourful swirls inside. However, Sarah has once again painted this picture so realistically, it could be a photograph! She has even painted every single light reflection, making this a dramatic, colourful yet light piece. I think it was a great idea to place them on a reflecting surface, so that the focus on the marbles is increased even more.

‘Pick n Mix’ by Sarah Graham
(Limited edition box canvas)

This one has to be my favourite! And not because I loved pick n mix as a child! This piece is yet another work by Sarah Graham that is so realistic, you feel like you could take a sweet from the picture and eat it! She has managed to reproduce perfectly the colours and even the varying textures of all the different sweets! Even the sweet bag has been reproduced with super realism; it must be very difficult to paint straight lines on a crinkled bag!

The way she blurs the background enhances the photographic feel of her piece and draws the eye to the places she wants the viewer to look.


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Artist Sarah Graham: Chupa Chups, London Buses & Cola Bottles!

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Sarah Graham is a realist artist who paints big canvases featuring toys and sweets. Inevitably, the end product of her work is very bright and colourful, and usually looks good enough to eat!!!

Lollipop Lollipop, limited edition box canvas by Sarah Graham

Sarah says that she has always been interested in art since childhood & fell in love with her oil paints bought by her dad when she was 8 years old. For her, art was a natural talent, one of the few subjects she didn’t have to work hard to achieve her grades.

Did Sarah Graham identify a gap in the market by choosing to paint toys and sweets? (something not seen in this format before) Or was it the nostalgia of remembering childhood experiences? She says that her inspiration is simply ‘colours’ & the use of these in her work and interesting textures she can achieve with oil and other mediums…as well as being a big kid at heart of course!

Routemaster, limited edition box canvas by Sarah Graham

Some people, on first seeing her box canvases, believe they are a clever Photoshop creation but they are not, they are limited edition prints from her original paintings! This just shows what a talented artists she is, so good that it looks computer generated and makes a picture of a cola bottle look so real that you think you could pluck it from the canvas and eat it!!!

Penny Cola, limited edition print by Sarah Graham

Who would have thought pictures of toy cars and Black Jacks & Chupa Chups would sell? Yet it has sold, very well indeed in fact. It is the nature of her work that has attracted so many fans and collectors, the realism, the vibrancy of colour and the fun subject mater that make Sarah Graham so popular.

Thank you


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