Rolf Harris: ‘The Collection 2012’ – first info on the new collection

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We have just heard that a brand new Rolf Harris portfolio of works, simply called ‘The Collection 2012’ will be released in the next few weeks and the trade (picture galleries who sell to the public) will be viewing these new pieces for the first time on Tuesday 7th February 2012.

an untitled image from the new collection
Limited Edition by Rolf Harris

I have heard there will be 13 limited edition print images & these which will appear as on paper & on canvas editions & some of these will also appear as ‘deluxe’ canvas, which are larger that the regular canvas.

We have heard there will be: a tiger image, an image of Uluru, aka ‘Ayers Rock,’ a beach scene & a London scene, likely Big Ben or Parliament, amongst others.

Rolf’s collection is eagerly anticipated every year and the excitement is building once again.

Gallery owners will get a chance to meet and speak with Rolf Harris on the 7th February and to hear about his latest inspirations. The buying public will be able to purchase/pre-order early to mid February.

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Review of The ‘ART’ Collection by artist John Wilson & his ‘Mini Masters’ paintings

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Released early last year, John Wilson’s exciting series was named simply as the ‘ART’ COLLECTION:

Official Banner for John Wilson’s the ‘Art’ COLLECTION
(Click banner to view all 7 pieces)

…featuring limited edition prints that are bright, colourful and full of surprises, surprises that as fans, we have now come to expect from his art. In the ‘ART’ COLLECTION, Wilson has moved from just his usual (art gallery) backgrounds, to now including his character’s homes, never previously featured up until that point.

‘Bedtime Story’ limited edition paper print by John Wilson

John has included some famous modern paintings in mini format in the background: including Andy Warhol’s ‘Campbell’s Soup Can,’ seen in the ‘Masters II.’

Once again, he has also included the world’s most famous Old Masters paintings (or as he calls it ‘Mini Masters’) in his backgrounds, including Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ (which has previously been recreated by some other modern popular artists we have blogged about: Rolf Harris and Caroline Shotton) & ‘The Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo DaVinci (also recreated by Caroline Shotton) to name just two.

‘The Masters II’ limited edition on canvas board by John Wilson

John Wilson tells us that his ‘Mini Masters’ take him around four to five hours each to create and he feels he has to make them perfect to the original (except in miniature!) as firstly they are such well known and respected works of art they deserve such gravitas & secondly he feels if they were not perfect then his finished artwork would not have the same effect. In Wilson’s ‘ART’ COLLECTION there are 19 mini Masters, can you spot them all?

‘The Masters I’ limited edition on canvas board by John Wilson

The 7 limited edition pieces featured in the John Wilson ‘ART’ COLLECTION where:
– Bath Time
– Bedtime Story
– In The Spotlight
– Smile
– The Lowry
– The Masters I
– The Masters II

Stayed tuned as in our next John Wilson post we will reveal all of the John Wilson ‘Mini Masters’ from the ‘ART’ COLLECTION, and you can check your answers!

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Timmy Mallett celebrates ‘The Railway Children’ – film’s 40th Birthday

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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ‘The Railway Children’ film adaptation, Timmy Mallett has painted & released three brand new limited editions prints in Timmy’s classic painting style:

Timmy stands proudly with his paintings

As well as having Timmy’s signature style there is also something special about these pieces. As normal each limited editions is signed by Mallett ….AND AMAZINGLY each is also signed by 3 stars from the film – Bernard Cribbins, Jenny Agutter and Sally Thomsett! So these pieces are an absolute must have for anyone who loves one of Britain’s all time favourite children’s films!

This is a real opportunity to invest in something that you loved during your childhood or to be part of this celebration. Perhaps you are new to this film or Edith Nesbitt’s original book?

‘Send Our Love To Father’ by Timmy Mallet
(available as an on paper or canvas limited edition)

The editions of these pictures are very low – only 50 Canvas and 100 paper limited editions have been produced & this is going to heighten demand and increase dramatically the collectability of this range.

‘Saved By Red Petticoats’ by Timmy Mallett
aka: ‘Saved by Red Petticoats’
(available as an on paper or canvas limited edition)

‘Oak Worth’ by Timmy Mallett
(available as an on paper or canvas limited edition)



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Painter Louise Dear – ‘An Artist In Love With Colour’

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Louise Dear’s first collection of 5 artworks, published by Washington Green Fine Art Publishers, has caused quite a reaction, turning heads in many a gallery window & indeed in the home of buyers. Her beautiful multicoloured, hand layered art work has shone a ray of light onto the UK art scene.

‘Yum Yum’ by Louise Dear
(Limited edition box canvas)

Louise’s inspiration comes from her extensive travels throughout the world during her youth, from Europe to Asia and beyond. Her beautiful pictures draw the eye with wonderful colours, bold outlined figures & large floral designs, as well as the sultry poses of her subjects, which are either self-portraits or pictures of her daughter, Lama.

‘Crush II’ by Louise Dear
(Limited edition box canvas)

I love the varying array of colours that she uses, they are vibrant and a lot different from those usually seen in high street galleries; at the same time they are not gaudy or over the top. How would one describe the work?: Figurative, urban, contemporary? I guess that is up to the viewer but there is something that grips the viewer, a style and a vision that is communicated through these evocative images.

Louise says that many women respond to her artwork and the message within them – that women enjoy their sexuality and are in control & she tells us that men also buy her artwork, as it reminds them of their partner. The artist tells us: ‘My pictures are about women feeling lush and gorgeous and free and I think a lot of women who buy my paintings can relate to that.’

‘Lovely’ by Louise Dear
(Limited edition on paper)

By not adding too much detail to her subjects, Louise makes her figures stand out & their poses all the more seductive and alluring. The artist believes that less is more & her figures and faces are only really outlined with the use of black & then these are cleverly sited onto the backgrounds. Louise then accentuates the figures with large and eyes & lips or masses of flowing hair.

‘Coo…ee!’ by Louise Dear
(Limited edition on paper)

Louise is one of Fine Art Blog’s hot picks for success in 2010, keep doing what you’re doing Louise, because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The other piece not featured that is also in the collection is ‘Crush I’




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