Ronnie Wood: A Master of Creativity – Releases Limited Edition Art to the UK

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Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones is perhaps best known for the electrifying talent that’s created when he is handed a guitar. However, his creativity doesn’t stop simply at the playing of musical instruments. Art has been just as inseparable to Ronnie’s life and career in much the same way that music has, although it is maybe less publically known. However, this is all about to change…

Ronnie Wood in his artist studio, surrounded by his paintings

Ronnie’s “artistic awakening” was brought about from an early age, kick started when his childhood artistic creations were featured on the BBC television programme Sketch Club. Since then, he has continued to put pencil to paper; ultimately leading to his fantastic debut collection for Washington Green. This collection particularly conveys the intertwining of Ronnie’s two great passions, music and art; as his series of four pieces titled ‘The Famous Flames Suite’, and the fifth and final piece ‘Stones On Stage – Got Me Rockin’ all recreate the energy and raw atmosphere exuded by the Rolling Stones during a live performance.

‘The Famous Flames Suite,’ Set of 4 limited editions
Available on paper or as box canvases set by Ronnie Wood

Through his artistic interpretation, Ronnie offers us a front row view of the Stones in action. Wood references photos of the Stones taken during performances to recreate the accurate facial expressions of his band mates, bringing an element of realism to his figurative works. Yet alongside this realism, an aspect of fantasy is brought to the table through his use of vivid colours created by applying acrylics, then oils, and finally embellishing the canvas with oil pastels. For instance, in ‘The Famous Flames Suite’, the Stones are performing amidst waves of dramatic orange flames that theatrically echo the vibrancy, energy and rhythm of a live performance by The Rolling Stones.

‘Stones On Stage – Got Me Rockin’ limited edition
Available on paper or as box canvas by Ronnie Wood

This collection is simply a stunning celebration of The Rolling Stones’ musical legacy that can be adored and appreciated by music and art lovers alike.



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Keith Proctor, an artist who is a bit of a ‘Jack The Lad’

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This blog will features Keith’s debut collection from earlier in the year.

Keith Proctor is a newly published artist for 2010, whose sketches and paintings currently feature his own son, ‘Jack.’ His artwork will obviously be endearing to those who have children and it will bring back fond memories for those that have grown up sons and daughters as well.

‘Jumpin’ Jack’ limited edition print by Keith Proctor

Keith is also friend of fellow artist Alexander Millar; as well as sharing artistic similarities, they also now share the same publisher, Washington Green Fine Art, thanks to Millar for introducing Keith to them and for singing his praises. Incidentally Keith also lives in the same area of the country, Northumberland, as Millar.

‘Bzzz’ limited edition print by Keith Proctor

Keith Proctor’s first published collection is called the ‘Jack The Lad’ – Tour and is still available to buy but you will need to hurry, as there are only few copies remaining from this magnificent collection of 7 limited editions. He has proved to be extremely popular with art lovers & most of his available originals have now sold to his new fan base. Keith appearance on the published art scene has caused a bit of whirlwind of excitement from buyers across the country and galleries have reported great sales since he was published In February.

‘I Have A Dream’ limited edition on board by Keith Proctor

Keith told us that despite attempts over many years, the ‘Biscuit Factory’ in Newcastle did not show his art. The Biscuit Factory is the UK’s largest commercial gallery space & where numerous artists are able to showcase their work. This is the same area that Washington Green Fine Art first found Sarah Jane Szikora, another of the UK’s most popular artists. Ill bet the Biscuit Factory wished they had shown his art now huh?!

I love the cheeky poses and actions in these pieces by Proctor and the fact that is his own child, ‘Jack’ in many of the pictures, puts extra emotion into the art for me. Art lovers can look at this art and see their own children, little brothers or nephews.

Although they are clearly prints taken from ‘oil paintings’ that have a traditional painting style about them, there is also a vibrancy, a freshness and lightness to the art somehow. Perhaps it is the subject mater that causes this and draws the viewer. The youthfulness and energy of children is a constant source of wonder for many people.

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