‘Show Me The Monet:’ – New Art TV Series on BBC Two

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‘Show Me The Monet’ is a brand new 10-part art series that aired for the first time yesterday evening at 17:15 on BBC Two in the UK. The series follows the competitive journey of both professional and amateur artists from every corner of the UK, as they battle to secure a spot in the ‘Show Me The Monet’ grand exhibition and sale held at the Royal College of Art, London.

However, making it to the grand finale will be no easy feat for the contenders, as they will have to face three of the toughest critic’s from the art world. The first judge is art historian, critic, and broadcaster: Charlotte Mullins, the second: David Lee is an art critic, historian, and editor of art magazine ‘The Jackdaw,’ and the third judge is art dealer and historian: Roy Bolton. The contestants’ nerve-racking meeting with the judges could potentially lead to their dreams coming true, or for those that aren’t so lucky having their artistic creations dashed on national television.

Picture of judges: David Lee, Charlotte Mullins & Roy Bolton

Those that manage to secure the much needed stamp of approval from the judges could go on to make some serious cash at the grand exhibition, as members of the public and prestigious names from the art world alike will be bidding to buy the best art work on show.

This brand new series continues tonight at the same time of 17:15 BBC Two



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Nigel Hemming – Name the Dog Art limited editions & win! COMPETITION

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What an amazing day here in the UK, the sun is shining and summer is truly here!

We went to the deepest darkest depths of the internet and found a Nigel Hemming tribute video showcasing some of his artwork on YouTube:

Appears to be by a (we think Russian) YouTube user ‘Aleksandr0159’

The pictures start after 14 seconds and I must say it is an excellent video and Nigel Hemming himself said he loves it and is very flattered that someone has took the time to make it.

So we have a little COMPETITION for you, the person who can name all the titles of the pictures in the video will win a small, signed, Nigel Hemming print.

Please use the email address on the blog to submit your entries or through a comment on this post; we may decide to award the person nearest to naming all the titles, if no one gets them all right!

A big thank you again to YouTube user ‘Aleksandr0159’

Stay tuned for some exciting Nigel Hemming news and new releases.

thank you


Direct Link to the video: www.youtube.com

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