Artist Rebecca Lardner and her idyllic harbour paintings

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Following on from her achievements as ‘Best New Artist 2008′ & ‘Artist of the Year 2010,’ Rebecca Lardner, has achieved outstanding success for her wonderful oils on canvas. These oils are delightfully distinctive, as she tends to depict the hustle and bustle that surrounds English harbour life.

(Harbour Hustle, limited edition by Rebecca Lardner, Box Canvas)

Lardner manages to create a feeling of ceaseless activity and energy in her works through the composition of the sweeping shore lines that mimic the natural curves of the English coast, her portrayal of people-filled beaches, the inclusion of the docking boats and the addition of observant seagulls perched along the shoreline.

(Ship To Shore I, limited edition by Rebecca Lardner, Box Canvas or on Paper)

Her coastal scenes, although not painted in a realist style, manage to conjure up nostalgic memories of family trips to the seaside, as her seascapes somehow seem all so familiar. This wonderful feeling of familiarity is actively created by Lardner through her choice of colour. The palette she uses to depict her idyllic harbours are strongly based on the colours of the sea and surrounding land. Rebecca Lardner remains completely loyal to the blues, greens, and greys and beiges that dominate the seas and skies of most English coast lines

(Ship To Shore II, limited edition by Rebecca Lardner, Box Canvas or on Paper)

Her characteristic works have a way of immediately transporting you to the seaside where you are breathing in the fresh sea air, rolling up your trousers to the knee and braving the chilly coastal waters for a few seconds at a time

Here’s a challenge, how many birds and how many different breeds of birds can you spot in each painting?

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