Beryl Cook News – Official Collectors edition release: ‘Dancing the Black Bottom’

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Although the wonderful Beryl Cook is no longer with us, she most certainly lives on in her popular postcard-esque paintings. Cook was known for her portrayals of saucy, larger than life characters, often seen to be completely engrossed in their spit-and-sawdust pub social life.

Beryl Cook: ‘Dancing the Black Bottom’
Published 2011, Official Collectors Edition
Limited Edition of 650 (unsigned, posthumous release)

The ‘larger’ ladies and male characters that commonly feature in her work are inspired by the colourful characters Beryl came across in the Dolphin Pub, whilst living in the seaside town of Plymouth. In stark contrast her characters Beryl was a shy, modest woman. You could say that it was this dissimilarity that drove her to perpetually observe these larger than life personalities, as although Beryl felt she could never be this way in person, she could, in a sense, be a bit flamboyant and saucy through her art.

Beryl Cook ‘The Last Gasp’
Published 2010, Official Collectors Edition
Limited Edition of 650 (unsigned, posthumous release)

Her pieces are always full of colour and have fun titles that have the ability to make you giggle. You feel that you could walk into any pub in any British seaside town and encounter the characters Beryl is famous for painting. Her art is all about pleasure; her characters are always seen enjoying the guilty pleasures of nightlife, including booze, fags, and with a little imagination sordid chitchat and gossip. She was most definitely a talented woman that will be deeply missed by the art world and fans alike.

Beryl Cook: ‘Drinkies’
Published 2009, Official Collectors Edition
Limited Edition of 650 (unsigned, posthumous release)

We have seen all of these releases in person and the colour reproduction is superb, we feel the printing technology continues to improve year on year in the UK. Also they are professionally printed, mounted, come with certificates & are personally approved by the family to print;

It was their express wish that her pictures continue to be made available to the public. Our research shows that these lithographic prints remain the most cost effective way of owning high quality, large, collectable limited editions of her work.

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Useful Links:
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Artist Paul James – Where Urban Meets Farmyard!!!

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Paul James was born and raised in Leicestershire, where he grew up with a natural talent for art. Encouraged by his parents, he progressed artistically & with the advice of his school teachers, went on to art college to study graphic design. Paul did not complete his course & instead began to sell paintings of vintage cars and neighbours pets…more on his artistic journey in a later post!

‘Up The Swanee’
limited edition on paper & canvas by Paul James

You may be surprised to hear that Paul James is also a self-taught artist, as he is so incredibly talented you may not necessarily link those two statements! Paul is known for his very realistic, almost photgraphic looking paintings of animals and landscapes. His artworks have gained him a big following in both the UK and overseas such as the USA & Ireland to name but two and it is not hard to see why. His uncanny ability to paint animals in fascinating detail and capture amusing poses & expressions has endeared him to the public.

limited edition on paper & canvas by Paul James

Paul has had the amazing success and honour of being published by not one, but several different publishing houses during his career, which just goes to show his continuing popularity and the first class art he is producing. His art takes a great deal of time to paint & we can see this in his great attention to detail, the subtle colours in the animal’s coats & the way you can see each separate animal hair in places!

‘Kred Gordon’
limited edition on paper & canvas by Paul James

A little known fact about Paul is that he is also a very talented musician and composer, he has even released a CD of his music, as well as performing for live audiences. Now that is what I call multi-talented! Although, it would not be hard to guess that Paul is an artist of many talents due to the versatility of his art, the fact that he can paint a serious picture of a landscape on the one hand and then a humorous animal the next.

Paul was previously published by Washington Green Fine Art publishers. New For Winter 2010 Paul is now being published/distributed by Demontfort Fine Art publishers…again we will have more on this in a future post!

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Heres some tips on how to paint animals

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Artist Sarah Jane Szikora new art

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Good news Szikora fans!!! More new art from Sarah Jane Szikora, one of the UK’s best loved humorous artists!!

‘Ladies Wot Lunch’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

Yes, more gingerbread people, more fat ladies and more crazy humour is in store for you!!

‘Rude Food’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

“Rude Food”, Szikora’s new gingerbread piece, we are expecting to be extremely popular. In fact it might even be a sell-out within weeks!! As Sarah has a massive fan base who follow her gingerbread art specifically! I love her crazy imagination & would love to know what goes on inside her mind for a day! A pole dancing gingerbread lady;) honestly…

‘Home Sweet Home’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

As well as this piece we have “Home Sweet Home” where we have a family; a gingerbread man and a chocolate bunny! And they have some mixed-race children. That is to say, the children are gingerbread with *ahem* bunny ears and a bunny tail!!! Szikora will never cease to amaze us I’m sure!

‘Blushin’ Dolls’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

I don’t want to bore you with descriptions of her art when you can see it for yourselves but you really must see it, her sense of humour is amazing, if a little nefarious at times. Blushing Dolls is really amusing once you realise what’s so funny about it. For me, it took several glances at the picture until I clocked it!

‘Pet Grooming’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print)

The Story Of The Gingerbread Man
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Artist Caroline Shotton has released some new artwork

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Exciting news Caroline Shotton fans! She has released some new art again!

These pieces available to preorder until the end of March/beginning of April when the art will be officially released but by this time some of the pieces will have already sold out!! That’s how hot Caroline Shotton is right now.

‘Hoof Hearted’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)

There are five new pieces, some following on from previous popular themes and colours; all have humorous titles, like all of Caroline’s previous limited editions.

‘On The Mooove’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)

We expect ‘On the Mooove’ to be very popular as it themed similarly to previous releases “Handle With Care” and “Special Delivery” which sold out very quickly indeed. Also ‘So In Love With Moo’ has the same colour themes (red) as “I Give My Heart To Moo” and her four Autumn 2008 releases including “Moo Too” & “Two & A Calf” we expect it to be just as popular!

‘So In Love With Moo’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)

Caroline’s art has been ridiculed by art critics in the past & yet she continues to show that the opinion of the art buying public & not theirs is paramount. Kind hearted, she has previously released art for charity and today most of her art sells out within weeks of publication.

‘Sh*t Happens’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)

I believe it is the mixture of her signature endearing cows, humorous titles & all her limited editions being hand-embellished (making them as close as possible to the original) that make her art so unique and collectable with the British public. Added to the fact that we Brits have a natural affinity to the countryside and to the idyllic image of the English countryside that the diary cow is part of.

‘Girls Night Out’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)



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