Mike Sibley’s book 2nd Edition Released – with foreword by David Shepherd

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Mike Sibley has just released the second edition of his top selling book “Drawing from Line to Life.” Mike Sibley is one of the UK’s premier canine artists, who works in the medium of pencil/graphite and has produced several top selling open and Limited Edition prints of canines and animals.

This 2nd edition now features a foreword by one the of the UK’s most famous living artists, David Shepherd.

Drawing From Line To Life – Book by artist Mike Sibley

Mike states: “I am honoured to have received this endorsement of Drawing from Line to Life from the eminent and much respected artist David Shepherd.”

This book actually works on several levels: a step by step instructional guide on how to draw art with Pencil/Graphite, an account of how Mike Sibley actually produces his amazing limited editions that sell worldwide – with actual ‘case studies’ of how he drew particular images and lastly it is a good collection of Mike’s actual work featuring more than 625 illustrations.

The bullet points on the cover provide a good summary of content:
“● Methods ● Materials ● Step-by-step instructions ● Techniques ● Philosophy ● From Line drawing to near-Reality ● Suitable for the Beginner to Advanced Artist”

Drawing From Line To Life – Book by artist Mike Sibley

I have spoken to Mike about this on several occasions and what is clear is the dedication, attention to detail and the actual man hours put into this book. Mike says it took over a year to complete and with the breath taking amount of detail in this book, I believe him.

The book is Softback and is 288 pages and chapters in this book include:

(1) An introduction to the tools of the trade and chapters on basic techniques
(2) The philosophical and more advanced techniques
(3) The Tutorial section: explanations and step-by-step demonstrations
(4) Putting it all together

All these chapters are then broken down into several logical sub sections.

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