Doug Hyde News – new art direction & new releases coming in September 2013

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Doug Hyde’s publisher, Demontfort Fine Art, have been circulating teaser imagery for their range of New Releases which will include a Doug Hyde collection. Set to be unveiled to gallery owners from Sunday 1st September 2013, when Demontfort Fine Art host their trade only launch day (which coincides with the NEC Autumn Fair) we expect these images to then be revealed to the public within days.

A blurred out snapshot artwork, Magnifying glass digitally inserted!

The so far singly revealed artwork (see above), has been blurred out except for the digitally inserted magnifying glass and we can see that this appears to be a very different Doug Hyde image. We believe this collection will be called ‘Rural Retreat’ and this is either the 15th or 16th collection to date by Doug (will confirm in a future post!) – a remarkable achievement in its own right.

I also believe it will depict amongst other things: dogs, cats, geese, hedgehogs & bunnies, as well as buckets & eggs! and the impetus for this is that Doug has himself has recently moved to a more rural location in the UK.

I have also been told there is at least one sculpture amongst the limited editions releases.

More to come in the coming weeks

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Artist Peter Smith – Teaser artwork for upcoming New Releases?

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Thanks to some of our followers for sending us this news, favourite UK artist Peter Smith is experimenting with new ideas for his forthcoming series of limited editions:

from Peter’s facebook:
‘Some more training I did in the background whilst creating the latest
Impossimals. This time for metal, water and shines.’

The picture added yesterday shows the artist perfecting his painting of metallic, watery and shinny surfaces and I think he is doing rather well!

September usually sees a major phase of releases by the two dominant UK publishing houses for high street art: Washing Green Fine Art & Demontfort Fine Art and we hope to see, as usual, something new and creative from Peter next month.

For me his most memorable change of direction was his ‘Lost Impossimals’ collection in February 2012 that saw Peter display Dinosaur-esque and hybrid type fanciful characters (his Impossimal characters crossed with animals) in a series of six limited edition prints and it proved a major hit!

‘Lesser Spotted Neapolitan Knickerbocker Glory’
from the ‘Lost Impossimals’ collection

We are very excited and wonder in what way his lovable characters will appear in his upcoming limited edition releases, all we know is they should have a good splashing of: water, metal & shiny surfaces!…Peter you don’t give much away!

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The Lost Impossimals collection
Demontfort Fine Art
Peter Smith on Facebook

Review of The ‘ART’ Collection by artist John Wilson & his ‘Mini Masters’ paintings

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Released early last year, John Wilson’s exciting series was named simply as the ‘ART’ COLLECTION:

Official Banner for John Wilson’s the ‘Art’ COLLECTION
(Click banner to view all 7 pieces)

…featuring limited edition prints that are bright, colourful and full of surprises, surprises that as fans, we have now come to expect from his art. In the ‘ART’ COLLECTION, Wilson has moved from just his usual (art gallery) backgrounds, to now including his character’s homes, never previously featured up until that point.

‘Bedtime Story’ limited edition paper print by John Wilson

John has included some famous modern paintings in mini format in the background: including Andy Warhol’s ‘Campbell’s Soup Can,’ seen in the ‘Masters II.’

Once again, he has also included the world’s most famous Old Masters paintings (or as he calls it ‘Mini Masters’) in his backgrounds, including Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ (which has previously been recreated by some other modern popular artists we have blogged about: Rolf Harris and Caroline Shotton) & ‘The Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo DaVinci (also recreated by Caroline Shotton) to name just two.

‘The Masters II’ limited edition on canvas board by John Wilson

John Wilson tells us that his ‘Mini Masters’ take him around four to five hours each to create and he feels he has to make them perfect to the original (except in miniature!) as firstly they are such well known and respected works of art they deserve such gravitas & secondly he feels if they were not perfect then his finished artwork would not have the same effect. In Wilson’s ‘ART’ COLLECTION there are 19 mini Masters, can you spot them all?

‘The Masters I’ limited edition on canvas board by John Wilson

The 7 limited edition pieces featured in the John Wilson ‘ART’ COLLECTION where:
– Bath Time
– Bedtime Story
– In The Spotlight
– Smile
– The Lowry
– The Masters I
– The Masters II

Stayed tuned as in our next John Wilson post we will reveal all of the John Wilson ‘Mini Masters’ from the ‘ART’ COLLECTION, and you can check your answers!

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Peter Smith – Enigmatic, stylish artist & leader of the ‘Impossimal’ characters

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Just who is Peter Smith?

The enigmatic, stylish artist & leader of the ‘Impossimal’ characters that he paints, Peter has always been a mystery to us, how does one man paint such fantasmagorical pictures?

Photo of the artist

In future posts we will attempt to delve into the mind of this most talented of naive artists, love and emotion clearly are a driving force for his work, stay tuned as we look to explore and uncover the mystery that is Peter Smith

Brand new brochure for the latest tour ‘Its A Stripe Thing’

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