Nigel Hemming – Name the Dog Art limited editions & win! COMPETITION

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What an amazing day here in the UK, the sun is shining and summer is truly here!

We went to the deepest darkest depths of the internet and found a Nigel Hemming tribute video showcasing some of his artwork on YouTube:

Appears to be by a (we think Russian) YouTube user ‘Aleksandr0159’

The pictures start after 14 seconds and I must say it is an excellent video and Nigel Hemming himself said he loves it and is very flattered that someone has took the time to make it.

So we have a little COMPETITION for you, the person who can name all the titles of the pictures in the video will win a small, signed, Nigel Hemming print.

Please use the email address on the blog to submit your entries or through a comment on this post; we may decide to award the person nearest to naming all the titles, if no one gets them all right!

A big thank you again to YouTube user ‘Aleksandr0159’

Stay tuned for some exciting Nigel Hemming news and new releases.

thank you


Direct Link to the video:

Artist Nigel Hemming News- ‘Chip Off The Old Block,’ superb New Release March 2009

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Our good friend Nigel Hemming has produced another superb image, which was released this month at Crufts Dog Show 2009.

(Limited edition print: ‘Chip Off The Old Block’)

This lovely scene features a Chocolate Labrador and a puppy in front of the fire place, which is heart warming image anyway, fireplace or not!

Nigel’s award winning ‘narrative style’ is of course ever present: what’s perked up these dogs interest? is the master going to take them out? Is it dinner time? Is someone at the door? So many questions come to mind and you can’t help but smile.

I feel this really shows the loveable beauty of the Labrador Retriever and their ever present inquisitive nature. I also love the detail in this picture, from the items on the wall in the background, the detail of the fireplace door, the fine dog hair, to the rug; there is so much for the eye to take in.

Another classic Nigel Hemming image but hurry only 95 copies released worldwide!

Thank you


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Nigel Hemming New Limited Edition for January 2009: ‘Yellow Cab’

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Our good friend and Top UK Canine artist, Nigel Hemming, has just released his latest limited edition piece called ‘Yellow Cab’ for the New Year 2009.

(‘Yellow Cab’ by Nigel Hemming)

Nigel’s own words:

“For those who follow my work, it is blatantly apparent that I rarely publish
Yellow Labrador images. This is not because I don’t like them, it is – to my
shame – because I cannot sell them.

This could simply be because I’m not very good at painting Yellow Labs! On the
other hand, as I would prefer to believe, it is because the market for
yellows is by no means as buoyant as it is for Blacks.

However you view it, when I was commissioned to paint Zak, the most
handsome, working, Yellow Labrador, the finished portrait cried out to be
published. It is unusual for me to publish a private commission as they are,
more often than not, far too personal for general release. Nevertheless, I
hope you’ll agree that Zak’s portrait – which I’ve entitled ‘Yellow Cab’
is a worthy addition to my range and, let’s face it, Just Dogs aside – its
about time I added a Yellow Labrador to the range. I hope you agree”

(‘Just Dogs – Yellow Labrador’ by Nigel Hemming)

I believe ‘Yellow Cab’ is a worthy addition to Nigel’s huge range of published art. The images featuring Land Rovers appear to have an extra appeal to both Canine art lovers and indeed those who drive Lands Rovers. This is an extra special image, as Nigel hardly ever paints yellow labs into limited edition format.

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Land Rover official homepage
Article about a Landrover related sculpture erected for the Paris Motor Show
Article about the ‘Classic’ Land Rover Defender

Nigel Hemming & Steven Townsend appearance – 5 days left to go

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Picture of artists Nigel Hemming & Steven Townsend

The excitement is now building as we are only 5 days away from one of the biggest Dog Art events of the year.

For the first time ever UK artists Nigel Hemming and Steven Townsend will be appearing together in the same venue for a 2 man exhibition and appearance.

‘Picture Perfect Gallery’ of London are organising the event in Birmingham UK and is being held at: Claire Galleries, 7 The Orb, Tenby Street, The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3EL

On Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December 2007
From 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, both days

Nigel Hemming’s very latest release: Just Dogs – Brown Roan Italian Spinone 2

Just Dogs - Brown Roan Italian Spinone 2 by Nigel Hemming

I will personally be at the event and will publish a report soon after. Although I have been lucky enough to be in the company of Nigel Hemming several times, I have never met Steven Townsend and am very much looking forward to it.

Steven Townsend’s very latest release: Striding Stones – Porth Nanven, Cornwall

Striding Stones - Porth Nanven, Cornwall by Steven Townsend

I’m sure this event will prove hugely successful, Nigel Hemming and Steven Townsend are arguably the most famous published canine artists in the UK and possibly the world.

Out of interest, Nigel has become best known for his gun dog Limited Edition prints and Steven for both his border collie and wildlife Limited Edition prints. As you can see by the image in this blog post, Steven is also an accomplished landscape and seascape artist.

The Exhibition is free to attend.

thank you



Full details: Nigel Hemming & Steven Townsend exhibition
Free Invitation Front – View or Download
Free Invitation Reverse – View or Download
If you don’t have Acrobat Reader (for .pdf files), please download here:
Adobe Acrobat Reader

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