Irish landscape artist Philip Gray

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I have been studying the limited editions of newly published Irish artist Philip Gray, who is now considered to be one of Ireland’s most celebrated living artists.

These are dramatic and powerful images that have a resonance all of their own, unlike other limited editions that have come before.

Reverie I by artist Philip Gray

While established UK (published) landscape artists, such as Lawrence Coulson, have their own style of landscape painting that they are known and loved for, Philip Gray is taking that ‘style’ and departing on his own artistic path.

Most of his current paintings display a movement, within the sea or sky, showing dramatic colour changes that really make the picture come to life & evolve infront of your eyes.

It maybe that the colours (often very deep ones) & the combination of colours that he paints with, in themselves, are key elements in creating his own distinct style. Personally I find this sort of work very appealing.

World Of Light III by artist Philip Gray

Philip was recently voted Up & Coming Published Artist 2007 in May this year
at The Art & Framing Industry Awards. Please see my other post: The Art & Framing Industry Awards – 2007

Therefore he must be appealing to quite a broad spectrum of art buyers.

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