Elephants Parade London 2010 – Love Art, Love Elephants!

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Many of you may have ‘herd’ 🙂 about the Elephant parade that happened in London in June and July this year…

Above: elephants painted by Peter Smith (left) and John Wilson (right)

The Elephant Parade was the largest outdoor art exhibition ever staged in the UK, with 258 life sized baby elephant sculptures, set in locations all over London’s city centre. They were thought up and created for the leading wild elephant charity called ‘Elephant Family’ www.elephantfamily.org The interesting thing is that each elephant is a unique piece of art, hand painted by renowned artists and designers. The Parade ran for around two months; from May to July 2010. The elephants were placed in streets, parks and squares right across Central London at some of London’s leading landmarks.

Above: elephants painted by Alexander Millar (left) and Jeff Rowland (right)

With an estimated audience of 25 million (you cannot count every person in London who has viewed them can you?!), the campaign aimed to raise over £1 million for the endangered Asian elephant. It was a fresh and unique fundraising and awareness campaign that everyone could enjoy. Elephant Parade’s mission is to become the world’s largest financial support organisation for elephants, while attempting to save the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild.

Above: elephants painted by Paul Kenton (left) and Louise Dear (right)

Some of the UK’s finest artists and designers were sponsoring and painting an elephant including the previously blogged about: Alexander Millar, Jack Vettriano, Jeff Rowland John Wilson, Louise Dear, Paul Kenton & Peter Smith!…Many of these are artists licensed exclusively to Washington Green fine art publishers, so big thank you to them for allowing them to help out!

After going on display in various locations all over London, a select number of elephants were then auctioned off by Sotheby’s, whilst the remainder were auctioned online.

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Useful Links
Elephant Parade Main site: www.elephantparadelondon.org
Elephant Family Charity Main Site: www.elephantfamily.org
Donate to Elephant Family: www.justgiving.com/elephantfamily/donate

Jack Vettriano- From Rags To Riches

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Scottish self-taught artist Vettriano began painting at the age of 21. He paints people, often women or couples in romantic situations. His most famous piece, “The Singing Butler” has made him very wealthy indeed. In fact, he even has an OBE.

“The Singing Butler” by Jack Vettriano

As a child, Vettriano worked hard doing jobs such as cleaning windows and was even kept from school by his dad in order to pick potatoes at one point. Now however, he is one of the more affluent and wealthy artists, having sold many thousands of copies of his art work across the globe. Nowadays, he is reported to make around half a million per year from his print licensing alone, and the famous piece “The singing Butler” fetched £750,000 at an auction at Southeby’s.

“The Temptress” by Jack Vettriano

His pieces have inspired people from around the globe, although critics have always had a few negative words for him. For example, he was accused of plagiarism when he released “The Singing Butler” as the critics claimed that the figures were found to be taken from a book.

More information about Vettriano’s career
The Telegraph report on Jack Vettriano

By the way, I heard he used to work for Redbridge Council!!



Jack Vettriano New limited editions & an auction

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Scottish artist Jack Vettriano has recently released two new limited edition prints, released to galleries by his new publisher, Demontfort Fine Art of the UK.

Jack Vettriano is possibly Scotland’s most famous living artist. His paintings have a ’film noir’ context to them and often display nude or romantic themes. Vettriano’s work has been published in print (unlimited) format for many years, certainly within the UK and whether a person has knowledge of the artist or not, his work is instantly recognizable to most.

The first of his new Limited Edition prints is ‘The Tourist Trap’:

The Tourist Trap by artist Jack Vettriano

I find his work to be thought evoking and provocative and he is the master of this style of painting. I am pleased that more limited editions are being produced, as many people have expressed an interest in his ‘collectable’ (limited edition) artwork but obviously not everyone has half a million £ sterling to spend!: On 21 April 2004 the original canvas of ‘The Singing Butler’ sold at auction for £744,500.

The second new Limited Edition print is ‘The Defenders Of Virtue’:

The Defenders Of Virtue by artist Jack Vettriano

In related news, Sotheby’s auction house are auctioning one of Vettriano’s paintings: ‘Bluebird At Bonneville’ on 29th August 2007 with an estimate of £400,000 to £600,000 GBP Sterling.

Here is a link to the auction on Sotheby’s website
(You need to create a free account to browse website)
The auctioning of Jack Vettriano’s ‘Bluebird At Bonneville’

Image of ‘Bluebird At Bonneville’:

Bluebird At Bonneville by artist Jack Vettriano

Full Title & Address of the auction:
Sotheby’s ‘Scottish & Sporting Pictures,’ lot 231, 29th August 2007, Gleneagles Hotel, London

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