Artist Caroline Shotton has released some new artwork

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Exciting news Caroline Shotton fans! She has released some new art again!

These pieces available to preorder until the end of March/beginning of April when the art will be officially released but by this time some of the pieces will have already sold out!! That’s how hot Caroline Shotton is right now.

‘Hoof Hearted’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)

There are five new pieces, some following on from previous popular themes and colours; all have humorous titles, like all of Caroline’s previous limited editions.

‘On The Mooove’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)

We expect ‘On the Mooove’ to be very popular as it themed similarly to previous releases “Handle With Care” and “Special Delivery” which sold out very quickly indeed. Also ‘So In Love With Moo’ has the same colour themes (red) as “I Give My Heart To Moo” and her four Autumn 2008 releases including “Moo Too” & “Two & A Calf” we expect it to be just as popular!

‘So In Love With Moo’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)

Caroline’s art has been ridiculed by art critics in the past & yet she continues to show that the opinion of the art buying public & not theirs is paramount. Kind hearted, she has previously released art for charity and today most of her art sells out within weeks of publication.

‘Sh*t Happens’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)

I believe it is the mixture of her signature endearing cows, humorous titles & all her limited editions being hand-embellished (making them as close as possible to the original) that make her art so unique and collectable with the British public. Added to the fact that we Brits have a natural affinity to the countryside and to the idyllic image of the English countryside that the diary cow is part of.

‘Girls Night Out’ by Caroline Shotton
(Limited edition box canvas)



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Artist Caroline Shotton gives evidence: Cadburys vs Dairy Cows

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Apparently it’s quite a problem here in the UK. Yes cows are eating through the country’s supplies of chocolate.

‘Dairy Milk’ limited edition box canvas by Caroline Shotton

Submitted to me earlier today was the evidence….see exhibit A above

This cow was caught ‘red hoofed’ inside a box of Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate and will appear before magistrates later today

Asked for a comment the cow replied ‘Oh well chocs away!’

Thank you


Real story about cows eating chocolate!

Artist Caroline Shotton: Milking it for all she’s worth!!!

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Hi there!

Here we are again with another Caroline Shotton Blog for you!

She has released some more work and we thought we would show it to you fine people.

In her new work, she has altered and developed her style and use of colours as well as mediums and given us some of her most colourful work to date.

Please read on for more!

Mini Moo and Mini Me by Caroline Shotton

Mini Mee and Mini Moo

One is Pink, one is Blue

Bright and colourful, they will attract you!

She hand-embellished them using glue,

With her trademark cow watching you

Some say her work makes them blue

But Caroline Shotton: We love moo!

Beef Dripping by Caroline Shotton

How very apt! After all, her cows have got ‘dripping’ wet in the rain in this picture despite their umbrellas – lack of opposable thumbs you see. However, it doesn’t seem to have changed their expressions at all. They don’t look any more surprised than usual! As you can see, Shotton is developing her style once again using new colours and a slightly different style.


Mooon River by Caroline Shotton

This style is a classic of Shottons, it is always popular and sells out very quickly. People must like cows and moons together, I wonder why… Hey, diddle-diddle. I do like this picture though, especially the reflection of the moon in the lake in the background half covered by the reeds.

Kids by Caroline Shotton

Here we see a family of cows, but the focus is obviously on the kids. But why are the kids all speckled with brown? I think it’s because they have been eating chocolate and got dirty, just like real kids!

Have I Got Moos For You by Caroline Shotton

In this piece she has made a collage of newspaper clippings for the background, which is another new style for Shotton. I read that she also added clippings from her critics to the background. I really like this picture, the texture and colour really intrigue me.

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Thanks for reading!


Caroline Shotton: Her career is MOOVIN’ along quite well!!

November 5, 2009 on 6:24 pm | In Box Canvas, Caroline Shotton, Contemporary Art, Cows | No Comments

Last month, we told you about her new Tour/Collection- “Moovin'” But we focused on her new products. Now I am going to show you another of her new pictures!

“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” by Caroline Shotton

I read that Caroline Shotton was reluctant to create an “ugly” cow so thats why it has a paper bag over its head!!! I personally think it works well though. I also think the raindrops on the “ugly” side and the hearts on the “good” side look really amazing up close because from a distance it appears as though they are stick on gems, but up close you realise she has created this effect herself. Also, you cant tell from this picture, but the picture is hand embellished, from the paper bag to the red gems around the “bad” cow.

The only thing with these cows are their sad little faces. Why must you make them so “long” in the face Caroline!?!

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