Have you ever lost anything in the Snow? a Sheep or your Dignity perhaps?

September 20, 2007 on 4:03 pm | In Animals, Humour, Mackenzie Thorpe, Paul Horton, Sue Hemming | 1 Comment

Well my first example is of losing your dignity, this cat clearly appears to be very upset, he’s obviously spent many hours fixing his hair and now it’s all ruined and he’s going to have to cancel going to the party!

(‘Snow’ by Sue Hemming)

Snow by artist Sue Hemming

How many people have lost other stuff when they were in the snow?

This sort of thing seems to be a recurring theme in many paintings I’ve seen,
and the theme of Sheep in the snow is also a powerful and recurring image.

Does this say anything about the imagination of the artist? Because lets be honest, how many of them have actually been in the snow with Sheep, id bet it’s not that many.

(‘In Snow’ by Mackenzie Thorpe)

In Snow by artist Mackenzie Thorpe

Perhaps its because as a child we are taught that counting sheep in relaxing and I also feel that snow brings happy thoughts to most people, do you agree with me on this one? There’s something very fluffy and cute about snow and it’s hard to describe what the actual appeal is, I mean if we stay out to long in it we get a chill and a cold and have to rush into the warm.

Perhaps it’s the association with happy memories? Whether it’s a day off from school, playing out in the snow, or a wonderful Christmas you had or does it mean Father Christmas/ Santa is coming?

This is one of my own favourite pics, it shows a Snowman hiding behind the wall of a house ready to surprise the owners that just created him. How cool would that be? Mr. Snowman wants a snowball fight!

(‘On A Magical Winters Eve’ by Paul Horton)

On A Magical Winters Eve by artist Paul Horton

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