Merry Christmas Art Fans!!!

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Today I have created a Christmassy Blog to get us all in the mood for Christmas!!!

Perhaps we will have a white Christmas this year! People are supposedly spending more money compared to last Christmas, so the news reporters are saying the recession is ending! Whether this is true or not we shall have to wait and see.

So, many artists have created festive art, old and new, and here are a few of my favourites:

Christmas Contemplation by Steven Binks

Steven Binks is best known for his pictures of rusty farming machinery such as tractors. As a boy, he lived on a farm with his parents in Suffolk and this is why he likes to paint images of tractors. The above picture is much different to the majority of his art, as he rarely paints people as the focal point of his picture. This lady seems to have got her white Christmas after all!

When I Saw Through His Disguise by Alexander Millar

Alexander Millar Paints Gadgies; That is to say, old people. However, they always seem to be having fun in his pictures, on their way to or from an interesting event. The aptly named title mentioned above refers to his santa hood coming off which makes you realise its the same old gadgie that Millar always paints dressed as Santa Claus. His real hat gives his “disguise” away!

Man Of Snow by Paul Horton

Paul Hortons snowman range (he has done more than one) have proved very popular with his fans, selling out very quickly. His other snowman pictures features the snowman much smaller in the pictures, so I chose to show you this one so you can see why the fans love him so. Horton’s snowman reminds me of the innocence of youth at Christmas time:)

Dont You Just Love This Time Of Year by John Wilson

John Wison is well known by his fans for his child-like drawn characters in the foreground, yet adult backgrounds with miniature copies of famous art works by artists such as Van Gogh on the walls of his chosen background. It is a very clever style, at first glance the picture could be dismissed as childish and naiive. However, look closer and you see those characters are in our world!!

Is That It? by Peter Smith

Peter Smith paints pictures of lovable creatures which he has named “Impossimals”. This one in particular is a little disappointed in the size of his Christmas present! Smith’s art is simple yet endearing, and this one is no different. Fans of Peter Smith should be aware that he is currently making some new pieces, and has told us on his blog that one of his new Impossimals will have teeth and claws!! So this will be something new and exciting to look foward to!!

Winter In The City by Henderson Cisz

I just had to add this one as we have had the snow and ice already and so I thought this picture was apt! Cisz is well known for his cityscapes and his ability to catch the hustle and bustle of a city on his pictures. This picture looks as it is in London at the moment, icy roads and people last minute shopping for their christmas gifts.

Thank You for reading everyone
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all


Artist Paul Horton: Anyone For A Snowball Fight?! – ‘Its A Wonderful Life’

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Hey all,
I know, I know, I recently posted about Paul Horton’s recent new Tour, but he’s gone and brought out two more newbies for this Christmas and they are definitely bound to be a ‘snowballing success’!!

Its A Wonderful Life by Paul Horton

Click here for some snowman jokes

Did you know that when Horton’s pictures feature ‘the snowman’ such as “On A Magical Winter’s Eve” and “When You Need A Special Friend” they sell out like wildfire? So, anyone who wants one of these snowman pictures is advised to order theirs ASAP.

Somewhere Only We Know by Paul Horton

Aww is’nt that sweet? A happy couple on their jollies beside the sea with their pet doggy.

So, as we are nearing Christmas, (Only 4 Weeks to go peeps, woohoo!) Im going to tell you about Horton’s ickle pressies he has released as well…

Summer Days, Winter Nights Cufflinks by Paul Horton

Cufflinks!! What man’s Christmas stocking is’nt complete without a pair of cufflinks? Especially if they are made by his favourite artist!

Heart And Soul Keyring by Paul Horton

Keyrings!! A nice little wrap-up for any Paul Horton fans out there.

Click here to find out how many Christmas traditions began

Thanks for reading

Paul Horton – ‘Love Is Life’ collection, New for Autumn 2009

November 3, 2009 on 5:13 pm | In Naive Art, New Releases, Paul Horton, Sculptures | 2 Comments

Often described as a unique storyteller, Paul Horton has recently released a new line of art work & within it you will see his trait for brightly coloured buildings, beside the seaside, continues!; as a mater of fact, released this time is a sculpture actually called ‘Beside the Sea’ which will bring a big smile to Horton fans.

(Beside The Sea Sculpture by Paul Horton)

His ingenious use of bright colours to create the weather-worn look to his seaside buildings captures the imaginations and fond memories of his fans who may remember family trips to the seaside as children.

(Far Beyond Forever by Paul Horton)

This piece depicts a couple standing in the foreground of a seaside street. At first glance, they may appear insignificant. However, they are looking out to sea with hopes and dreams for their future. Perhaps in this moment, they find all else insignificant?

(Spellbound by Paul Horton)

In this piece we see Gandalf is making potions at home. I love this picture because every time I look I see something new. There is also an owl in this picture. Possibly Hedwig from Harry Potter!! That’s probably why the cat looks so annoyed!

(The Man Who No-One Knows by Paul Horton)

Is he a sinister being? A man on his way home from work? Or is he a magician with a rabbit in his top hat? Who knows? That’s for you to decide! Let us know your thoughts!

(Fragile Earth by Paul Horton)

A very emotive piece depicting Noah’s Ark, of which Horton has previously painted in different situations. However, this piece is set in the North and South Poles to highlight the current issues of climate change. The Ark is shown to be there to rescue the animals from the melting ice caps.

Thank you


British Seaside Resort of Cornwall
British Seaside Resort of Blackpool
BBC Climate Change News

Lord Of The Rings – What’s Gandalf upto nowadays? – artist Paul Horton

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I recently saw some great pieces of artwork and they made me think of Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings!…
‘The Secret Path’ by artist Paul Horton:

‘The Secret Path' by artist Paul Horton

Well take a look at these pictures and tell me what you think the story is behind each? What’s Gandalf up to nowadays?

Well ‘The Secret Path’ is obvious…it’s late at night and Gandalf was indoors watching X-factor on TV and realized he was all out of Coca Cola and Pringles and he decided to nip to the 24 hour garage for some supplies.

He lives in a nice part of town but it’s very cold and they get a lot of snow….oh yes and his torch (flash light) ran out of batteries so he had to take a lantern!

‘When Magic Calls’ by artist Paul Horton:

‘When Magic Calls’ by artist Paul Horton

Oh my god this is so obvious….the family at No.10 are throwing a birthday party for there 7 year old and they have hired a children’s entertainer…little did they know that they hired someone who does real magic!…That’s Gandalf there, he’s just arrived but unfortunately even he is not powerful enough to know which house is No.10, there’s no door numbers!

‘Shadowlands – Resin Sculpture’ by artist Paul Horton:

‘Shadowlands – Resin Sculpture’ by artist Paul Horton

Ok well again I know straight away what happened. Gandalf arrived at the 24 hour garage but decided to rush the attendant too much to get his Pringles…little he did he know that the guy was the evil lord Sauron in disguise or was he a Nazgul? I can’t quite remember…anyway basically Gandalf was rude to him and he got turned into stone…only the lantern remained.

I wonder if the artist Paul Horton, who created these pictures and sculptures, knows the story behind them as well as me? lol

This is my favourite, I think it’s taken from Gandalf’s driving license!
‘The Wizard’ by artist Paul Horton:

‘The Wizard' by artist Paul Horton

thank you


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