How do you use Jedi mind control on a Cow?

September 25, 2007 on 1:20 am | In Animals, Caroline Shotton, Cows, Humour, Paul James, Toni Hargreaves | 1 Comment

This crazy thought popped into my head when I recently looked at some Limited Edition prints featuring Cows. (Ill call them cows or ‘Daisy’, it sounds better!)

(‘Mildred’ by artist Toni Hargreaves, this is a painting and not a photo!)

'Mildred' by artist Toni Hargreaves

Cows seem to be a very popular theme in Art as of late but this leads to unanswered questions for an inquisitive mind like mine. Some of these artists MUST actually go to the countryside to see Cows close up because lots of artists do not work from other people’s pictures or random photos of Daisy form the internet!

So Mr. or Mrs. Artist takes a day out to go to the countryside ‘Honey ill be back home later’ packing their lunch, digital camera & sketch book.

After arriving, they wait for the right moment so Daisy is in the right position and either start sketching Daisy or try to take photos. Sounds simple right?

(‘Wayne & Bruno’ by artist Caroline Shotton)

'Wayne & Bruno' by artist Caroline Shotton

But how long do you wait? How do you make a cow stop what its doing and POSE for a photo? Jedi mind control perhaps? but I’m guessing a Jedi’s powers does not extend to bovines! so it must be some other way.

I mean its not often you hear a cow say ‘I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille’ so these artists must go to extraordinary lengths to get Daisy in the right pose for right photo.

(‘Trinny And Suzannah’ by artist Paul James, this is a painting and not a photo!)

'Trinny And Suzannah' by artist Paul James

Here’s the best options I’ve come up with if your Jedi skills fail:

1) Hide in a bush for a few hours and wait till ‘Daisy’ strolls by – don’t shake the bush or you will scare Daisy!

2) Get a friend to dress up in a cow suit and try to ‘attract’ Daisy to come over – bit dangerous, maybe your friend doesn’t want a new girlfriend?

3) Move town & get a job at a farm for a season but secretly keep sneaking off with your camera to see the cows! And when they least expect it…..*flash* you got your perfect photo & you can go off and paint your masterpiece

thank you


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