Here Fishy Wishy Wishy! help me count the fishes please?

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Thought id post this great pic as I really love Koi carp fish and I found this very, very relaxing to look at.

(‘On Golden Pond’ by artist Michael Jackson, this is a painting and not a photo!)

'On Golden Pond' by artist Michael Jackson

Ok the quiz is as follows: how many fish are in the picture? lol it’s actually not as easy as it looks, this artist has done such a great job of painting that its hard to tell what’s a ripple of water, a fish or a light reflection. It’s so photo realistic it’s amazing.

Apparently there is a ‘limitless variations’ on possible colours of Koi carp, wow! I’m interested in buying some already. It’s actually a very popular hobby in the UK to keep or breed Koi carp and they can live up to 30 or 40 years old; apparently one lived to be 200 years old! (See link below) Must have been all the oily fish he was eating lol

(‘Like Fish That Pass In Night’ by artist Nicola Read)

'Like Fish That Pass In Night' by artist Nicola Read

Anyway, I love fish and the fact in art terms you could paint them in so many different ways, photo realistic like artist Michael Jackson has done….in a contemporary style with big splashes of bold colours, look at artist Nicola Read’s pieces or even in a cartoon/naive style, such as artist Linda Jane Smith’s work….the different ways are limitless.

(‘The Fisherman’s Arms’ by artist Linda Jane Smith)

'The Fisherman's Arms' by artist Linda Jane Smith

Anyway if you want to read about this Koi Carp that allegedly lived to be 200…use the link the meantime I just thought id post a random photo of a large Koi carp…enjoy!

Take a look at this guy, he is big (Photo of a Koi carp)

Photo of a Koi carp

thank you


Further Reading:

Japanese guy talks about various Carps – Some lived to over 200 years old!

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