Doug Hyde – ‘Friends Reunited’ Sculpture Collection – online brochure

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September 2015 sees the release of Doug Hyde’s ‘Friends Reunited’ sculpture collection.

Click the image below to view the PDF brochure that accompanied the New Releases:


Doug Hyde News – new art direction & new releases coming in September 2013

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Doug Hyde’s publisher, Demontfort Fine Art, have been circulating teaser imagery for their range of New Releases which will include a Doug Hyde collection. Set to be unveiled to gallery owners from Sunday 1st September 2013, when Demontfort Fine Art host their trade only launch day (which coincides with the NEC Autumn Fair) we expect these images to then be revealed to the public within days.

A blurred out snapshot artwork, Magnifying glass digitally inserted!

The so far singly revealed artwork (see above), has been blurred out except for the digitally inserted magnifying glass and we can see that this appears to be a very different Doug Hyde image. We believe this collection will be called ‘Rural Retreat’ and this is either the 15th or 16th collection to date by Doug (will confirm in a future post!) – a remarkable achievement in its own right.

I also believe it will depict amongst other things: dogs, cats, geese, hedgehogs & bunnies, as well as buckets & eggs! and the impetus for this is that Doug has himself has recently moved to a more rural location in the UK.

I have also been told there is at least one sculpture amongst the limited editions releases.

More to come in the coming weeks

thank you


NEC Autumn Fair, Birmingham
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Doug Hyde – View all 8 of his Collections including the latest ‘Smiles Allround’

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Always the bearer of useful info, as a follow up to our previous post which had Doug’s previous collections 1st – 6th, we now showcase the 6th (again) the 7th and the 8th Collection, his latest: ‘Smiles Allround’

‘Summer Holiday’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘Time Of My Life Collection’ (his 6th)

‘Happy Campers’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘Heart & Soul Collection’ (his 7th)

‘The Modfather’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘Smiles Allround Collection’ (his 8th)
(Also known as ‘Smiles All Round’)

Please keep an eye on the blog for our commentary on the ‘Smiles Allround’ which will come very soon

many thanks


Doug Hyde News – Sneak peak of one of his upcoming Limited Edition releases

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A super quickie today, we wanted to bring you a sneak peak of one of the latest Doug Hyde new releases which are being released within the first 2 weeks of September 2010:

Happy Campers by Doug Hyde
(limited edition on paper)

The title is yet unknown however it loveable image of one of Doug’s characters in a tent, with his trusted dog asleep next to him and a lantern throwing light on them, a wonderful piece

thank you


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