Doug Hyde News – artist has painted the New ‘Time Of My Life’ collection

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This March 2010 sees the release of Doug Hyde’s 6th major collection & it’s called the ‘Time Of My Life Collection.’

Click above to view the new ‘Time Of My Life Collection’ (his 6th)

When the images are released, the above link will be updated with images & rest assured you will then be some of the first to see them in all their glory!!!

The set features: 4 sculpture, 5 limited edition prints, a set of 6 miniature prints & for the first time ever Doug has released a painting on glass & it looks amazing!

If you are interested the following pictures are also clickable and will show you the 5 previous Doug Hyde collections:

‘Beware Of The Dog’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘The Hyde Experience’ (his 1st)

‘One In A Million’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘The Smile Collection’ (his 2nd)

‘Secret Garden’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful Collection’ (his 3rd)

‘A Great Night In’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘Yours Truly Collection’ (his 4th)

‘One From The Heart’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘One From The Heart Collection’ (his 5th)

‘Summer Holiday’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘Time Of My Life Collection’ (his 6th)

I was lucky enough to attend the previews of these new releases and they are set to be his most coloured and fun packed yet, as usual with any of the top UK artists, we recommend ordering/ pre-ordering early as these limited editions will go very quickly indeed.

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UK painter Doug Hyde News – the artist helps good causes again

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We all know Doug Hyde creates inspiring art that puts a smile on the face of everyone but did you know that he releases ‘Charity limited edition prints?’…

‘Loved’ limited edition print by Doug Hyde

…art from which a percentage of the profits goes to a good cause.

Yes it’s true, the UK’s most popular contemporary artist: the ever-optimistic, fantastic, artistic Doug Hyde is also generous to a fault. One such painting, called ‘Loved’ was originally released through one outlet in the UK and a small percentage of profits went to the ‘Families for Children’ adoption charity – The piece has never been on general release in the UK.

Now available from January 2010 for anyone to buy for the first time, this cute picture has been released with a special Time Limited £ offer!…up until Feb 14th 2009

Fans that missed this piece the first time around will be thrilled. As you can see, it features a little boy hugging a huge teddy bear. I find this piece very emotive, making me think of my own childhood, of love, hope and happiness. So it is very apt that it was originally released for the ‘Families for Children’ Charity.

Don’t forget the ever popular Hearts & Smiles! This was another title that was released to benefit a National Charity called: ‘Look Good…Feel Better’ which is a charity that helps female cancer patients, Look Good! & Feel Better!…simple! As with ‘Loved’ a small percentage of profits again went to charity.

‘Hearts & Smiles’ Open Edition & signed print by Doug Hyde

Do use the links at the bottom to find out more about the charity & remember that many of these charities rely on the generous donations of the public to continue their vital work. The team at Fineartblog would like to thank in advance everyone who decides to donate to these charities.


Artist Doug Hyde Has A ‘Surprise’ In Store For Christmas!

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Newly released ‘Surprise’ is a wee bit cheekier but nonetheless cuter than Doug Hyde’s usual limited edition pieces, as his pastel drawn character is wrapped up in a bow and nothing else as far as I can see! Surely a great crimbo pressie for a partner or that special Christmas gift for a family member?

(Surprise, limited edition print by Doug Hyde)

A bit short on detail perhaps, his little character never even wears shoes & I bet he has cold feet. Also there’s not much facial features about him either but I fell this endears the audience to the little character’s face, wondering what has made him so happy & proud to be the latest gift!

Amazingly, these sold out within under a week of them being released to UK galleries, truly Doug Hyde continues to be an art phenomena & long may it last 🙂

(Surprise, limited edition sculpture by Doug Hyde)

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Yours Truly, New collection by british artist Doug Hyde

September 7, 2008 on 8:47 pm | In Doug Hyde, Naive Art, New Releases | 2 Comments

A New collection by the much loved artist Doug Hyde is being released this September.

Yours Truly collection by Doug Hyde

Hope, love, loyalty, togetherness and friendship are all central themes of this wonderful new collection.

Which is your favourite?

Thank you


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