Elephants Parade London 2010 – Love Art, Love Elephants!

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Many of you may have ‘herd’ 🙂 about the Elephant parade that happened in London in June and July this year…

Above: elephants painted by Peter Smith (left) and John Wilson (right)

The Elephant Parade was the largest outdoor art exhibition ever staged in the UK, with 258 life sized baby elephant sculptures, set in locations all over London’s city centre. They were thought up and created for the leading wild elephant charity called ‘Elephant Family’ www.elephantfamily.org The interesting thing is that each elephant is a unique piece of art, hand painted by renowned artists and designers. The Parade ran for around two months; from May to July 2010. The elephants were placed in streets, parks and squares right across Central London at some of London’s leading landmarks.

Above: elephants painted by Alexander Millar (left) and Jeff Rowland (right)

With an estimated audience of 25 million (you cannot count every person in London who has viewed them can you?!), the campaign aimed to raise over £1 million for the endangered Asian elephant. It was a fresh and unique fundraising and awareness campaign that everyone could enjoy. Elephant Parade’s mission is to become the world’s largest financial support organisation for elephants, while attempting to save the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild.

Above: elephants painted by Paul Kenton (left) and Louise Dear (right)

Some of the UK’s finest artists and designers were sponsoring and painting an elephant including the previously blogged about: Alexander Millar, Jack Vettriano, Jeff Rowland John Wilson, Louise Dear, Paul Kenton & Peter Smith!…Many of these are artists licensed exclusively to Washington Green fine art publishers, so big thank you to them for allowing them to help out!

After going on display in various locations all over London, a select number of elephants were then auctioned off by Sotheby’s, whilst the remainder were auctioned online.

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Useful Links
Elephant Parade Main site: www.elephantparadelondon.org
Elephant Family Charity Main Site: www.elephantfamily.org
Donate to Elephant Family: www.justgiving.com/elephantfamily/donate

Painter Paul Kenton’s – box canvases better than an ‘I Love London T-Shirt!’

July 11, 2010 on 3:59 pm | In Box Canvas, Cityscapes, Landscape Art, New Releases, Paul Kenton | 2 Comments

A few months ago Paul Kenton’s released 3 new Limited edition box canvas’s and we at Fineartblog.co.uk where blown away with them…

‘From Westminster Bridge’ by Paul Kenton
(Limited edition box canvas)

Due to the size and amount of hand finishing/ layering that goes into each limited editon, the arrival of these pieces into galleries was slow & these have ‘trickled’ into galleries over the last few months, as collectors count the days until their pre-order arrives.

‘From Westminster Bridge’ – was produced specifically as a follow up to ‘London Red’ which proved incredibly popular & due to high demand, some customers missed out on purchasing. The jpegs on a computer screen can never truly show the beauty and impressiveness of this piece & his wonderful use of (shades of) red in the sky and purple in the foreground. Purple is an unusual colour to be used in a modern cityscape & yet it works beautifully in this night-time piece of the Houses Of Parliament.

All the buildings are outlined with Pauls’ trade mark hand layered formula (in this case black) & to top of the masterpiece we have the classic London Red Bus caught in the moment.

‘City Reflections’ by Paul Kenton
(Limited edition box canvas)

This is Paul’s largest panoramic piece to date and a predominantly black and white, night time vision of the City of London The white buildings are also hand embelsished/outlined (in this case white) with Paul’s formula, which makes them stand out further against the background as though the picture was illuminated. Look closer and Paul’s trademark red cranes are also there!

‘Going Downtown’ by Paul Kenton
(Limited edition box canvas)

Displaying the hustle & bustle and vibrancy of one of the world’s greatest cities, with his use of bright colours, Paul has captured one of his favourite cities & although this is not the first time, there is something very fresh about the style used here. Yellow cabs buzzing around in the foreground with their distinctive banna yellow and a lush light blue used all over the painting gives this picture and almost effervescent feel to it!

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Visit London
Visit New York

Artist Paul Kenton paints London, Paris, Sydney & back to the City Of London again!

March 6, 2010 on 9:10 pm | In Box Canvas, Cityscapes, New Releases, Paul Kenton | 3 Comments

Good news, Paul Kenton’s new art work is now available for sale and how amazing does it look!

There are 5 new pieces and once again he has done something slightly different:
New colour schemes, new views for his first releases of 2010!

‘Harbour Lights’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

‘Harbour Lights’ is his first Australian picture and it looks brilliant. The colours he has used are so different to his older pieces, yet it really suits this painting of Sydney Harbour. I just love the colours in the sky and the reflections of colours in the water. Partly in keeping with his old style of black lines, to show movement, he has painted the bridge, most likely with his trusty screwdriver! This really makes the bridge stand out against the background.

‘Westminster Walk’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

‘Westminster Walk’ once again shows Kenton’s diversity in his use of another intriguing array of colours. The piece is silver-grey with just a dash of pink to brighten the sky. His signature style once again shows through in his use of bold black lines but there is also more focus on the background, notice his subtle painting of reflections in the Thames river.

‘Cafe Au Lait’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

Paul has really diversified his style this time, if you look at “Cafe au Lait” you will see that it is completely different to “Cafe Rouge” or “Cafe de Paris” because he has not used his signature style; thick, bold black lines and little colour. In this piece, the background buildings have been beautifully painted in great detail, and the people in the cafe are lightly painted without being totally filled out, with no use of bold black lines & yet instantly recognizable as Paul Kenton’s work.

‘London Red’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

‘London Red’ in my opinion is the focal piece of the New Releases & I think is his largest box canvas to date. The piece is a marvel to behold in the flesh, & signifies how far Paul has come as an artist – combining all his strengths and signature colouring, the London Eye in the centre right of the picture is the ‘white’ icing on the cake. We will blog more on this piece shortly.

There are five in total, all completely different to the next, and all equally brilliant in their uniqueness. Please feel free to leave us a comment and tell us which one is your favourite and why.

‘After Hours’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton


Sydney Harbour Live Webcam
Parisian cafe culture
The Square Mile

Artist Paul Kenton – New art coming soon!

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The team at fine art blog have some exciting news for Paul Kenton fans – he is soon to release 5 new art works!

Paul Kenton is famous for his beautiful cityscapes and his amazing ability to capture movement in different ways. Some call him the ‘screwdriver artist’ because he is known to use one to paint & to achieve the unique finish to his layered on box canvases.

‘Cafe Rouge’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

In ‘Café Rouge’ it is brilliant how Paul added just a touch of red to an essentially black and white piece, it works really well. Some critics don’t like the range he has done in this style (as opposed to his more colourful work) because it is simply made up of lines and little colour but I think it is clever and ‘works,’ reflecting the busy hustle and bustle feel of a big city.

His previous most recent release ‘City Skies,’ is much more colourful & richer with amazingly warm orange & red tones, showing the true wonder of our amazing capital city. Is it London during the summer at dusk? or maybe dawn? the street is much too quiet to be the evening!

‘City Skies’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

I can’t wait to see what he has done this time, every phase of new releases there is something different to behold. He is constantly changing his style and surprising us the viewer, so I am sure any Kenton fans will agree with me when I say that I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see them!

Watch this space!!


The Eiffel Tower
The Gherkin

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