Artists Jeff Rowland and Alexander Millar – dynamic duo paint together for charity!

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The pair have recently teamed up to paint a piece of art for the Birmingham (UK) Children’s Hospital. ‘Singin’ In the Rain’ was then produced as a limited edition print & has the classic aspects of both artists work, Millar’s ‘gadgie’ character and Rowland’s atmospheric rain & grey blue colours. Incidentally, both artists share a studio in Newcastle, so it must have been easy for them to take turns in painting the picture!

‘Singin’ In The Rain’ by Alexander Millar and Jeff Rowland
(Available as a print or canvas limited edition)

Millar and Rowland have pledged all of their royalties to Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s new state of the art renal unit, which is very generous, and on top of that, their publisher Washington Green has agreed to match the figure the artists make!!



Birmingham Children’s Hospital:

Elephants Parade London 2010 – Love Art, Love Elephants!

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Many of you may have ‘herd’ 🙂 about the Elephant parade that happened in London in June and July this year…

Above: elephants painted by Peter Smith (left) and John Wilson (right)

The Elephant Parade was the largest outdoor art exhibition ever staged in the UK, with 258 life sized baby elephant sculptures, set in locations all over London’s city centre. They were thought up and created for the leading wild elephant charity called ‘Elephant Family’ The interesting thing is that each elephant is a unique piece of art, hand painted by renowned artists and designers. The Parade ran for around two months; from May to July 2010. The elephants were placed in streets, parks and squares right across Central London at some of London’s leading landmarks.

Above: elephants painted by Alexander Millar (left) and Jeff Rowland (right)

With an estimated audience of 25 million (you cannot count every person in London who has viewed them can you?!), the campaign aimed to raise over £1 million for the endangered Asian elephant. It was a fresh and unique fundraising and awareness campaign that everyone could enjoy. Elephant Parade’s mission is to become the world’s largest financial support organisation for elephants, while attempting to save the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild.

Above: elephants painted by Paul Kenton (left) and Louise Dear (right)

Some of the UK’s finest artists and designers were sponsoring and painting an elephant including the previously blogged about: Alexander Millar, Jack Vettriano, Jeff Rowland John Wilson, Louise Dear, Paul Kenton & Peter Smith!…Many of these are artists licensed exclusively to Washington Green fine art publishers, so big thank you to them for allowing them to help out!

After going on display in various locations all over London, a select number of elephants were then auctioned off by Sotheby’s, whilst the remainder were auctioned online.

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Useful Links
Elephant Parade Main site:
Elephant Family Charity Main Site:
Donate to Elephant Family:

UK painter Doug Hyde News – the artist helps good causes again

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We all know Doug Hyde creates inspiring art that puts a smile on the face of everyone but did you know that he releases ‘Charity limited edition prints?’…

‘Loved’ limited edition print by Doug Hyde

…art from which a percentage of the profits goes to a good cause.

Yes it’s true, the UK’s most popular contemporary artist: the ever-optimistic, fantastic, artistic Doug Hyde is also generous to a fault. One such painting, called ‘Loved’ was originally released through one outlet in the UK and a small percentage of profits went to the ‘Families for Children’ adoption charity – The piece has never been on general release in the UK.

Now available from January 2010 for anyone to buy for the first time, this cute picture has been released with a special Time Limited £ offer!…up until Feb 14th 2009

Fans that missed this piece the first time around will be thrilled. As you can see, it features a little boy hugging a huge teddy bear. I find this piece very emotive, making me think of my own childhood, of love, hope and happiness. So it is very apt that it was originally released for the ‘Families for Children’ Charity.

Don’t forget the ever popular Hearts & Smiles! This was another title that was released to benefit a National Charity called: ‘Look Good…Feel Better’ which is a charity that helps female cancer patients, Look Good! & Feel Better!…simple! As with ‘Loved’ a small percentage of profits again went to charity.

‘Hearts & Smiles’ Open Edition & signed print by Doug Hyde

Do use the links at the bottom to find out more about the charity & remember that many of these charities rely on the generous donations of the public to continue their vital work. The team at Fineartblog would like to thank in advance everyone who decides to donate to these charities.


Caroline Shotton Artist – Special Delivery & Handle With Care, For Charity

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Caroline Shotton is set to release 2 new charity box canvases on July 14th 2008 and £25 from the sale of each item will go to a baby charity called ‘Bliss.’ The charity helps to care for premature babies

In 2007 Caroline had her second baby, Elliot, who was born prematurely and she heard about Bliss and through them she gained invaluable information about caring for her baby

‘Special Delivery’ by Caroline Shotton:

Both images will retail at £330 each and are sized 22’’ x 22’’ inches, a little smaller than her normal box canvases but are at a much keener price! These are special time limited edition pieces and will only be available from 14 July – 30 September 2008, so hurry!

‘Handle With Care’ by Caroline Shotton:

I really like these images as it brings something different again into her ‘Cow’ genre which undoubtedly she has cornered the market on.

I never thought it was possible but these cows maybe the cutest images she has ever released.

If you want to donate directly to Bliss charity, please use the links below.

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Useful links:

‘Bliss’ baby charity – website homepage
‘Bliss’ – donation page

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