David Hockney shares his views on superstar artist Damien Hirst in the lead up to his own ‘A Bigger Picture’ Exhibition

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‘David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture’ is an exciting new exhibition set to be showcased at The Royal Academy between the 21st January and the 9th April 2012. The large scale walls are to project to us, the audience, Hockney’s fascination with landscape that has spanned over 50 years.

(David Hockney, ‘Woldgate Woods, 21, 23 & 29 November 2006’, 2006.
Oil on 6 canvases – One of the Hockney’s many landscape pieces
to feature in his Royal Academy exhibition: A Bigger Picture)

Remarkably, many of the huge works to be seen in A Bigger Picture “wouldn’t have existed unless the Royal Academy had asked me”, Hockney tells us. He explains that it simply wouldn’t have been feasible for him to work on such large projects by himself without being equipped with gigantic walls to do the pieces justice.

Throughout his press releases, the emphasis on creating works by his own fair hands and only his hands was raised due to certain note placed in front of some of his creations. The note reads: “All the works here were made by the artist himself, personally.” Upon being quizzed about the note, David Hockney was asked if it was in reference to artist of the hour, Damien Hirst, to which he responded with a simple nod. Hockney made it very clear that he strongly disapproves of artists who employ others to work on their own creations, as “It’s a little insulting to craftsmen, skilful craftsmen.”

(Left: David Hockney RA. Right: Damien Hirst. The two English superstar artists have both recently aired their opposing views on the use of assistants to create works of art)

Damien Hirst’s ‘For The Love Of God’; a human skull entirely encrusted with diamonds proved the case in point for Hockney, as the superstar artist had London jeweller Bentley & Skinner work on his creation. Hirst has on numerous occasions poorly defended his use of assistants by remarking that they could do a better job on something that he finds tedious to do himself. Or to use Hirst’s more eloquent choice of words, “I couldn’t be fucking arsed doing it”.

(Damien Hirst, ‘For The Love Of God’, 2007)

The platinum casted human skull sculpture is encrusted with 8,601 diamonds. It was part of the Beyond Belief exhibition held at the White Cube Gallery, and eventually sold for an astonishing £50million. This is the largest sum ever paid for a single work by a living artist, and is therefore the very reason Hirst’s use of assistants has caused such controversy.

The words spoken by Hirst contrast starkly to the beliefs of David Hockney, who in a recent interview used the Chinese proverb to convey his passionate views on both art and the artist: “you need the eye, the hand and the heart. Two won’t do.”

(David Hockney, ‘Bigger Trees Near Water’, 2007. Hockney’s biggest ever
creation is made up of 50 canvases, and measures up to a whopping
total of 15ft by 40ft; of which every inch was created by his
own fair hands)

There is no doubt that the combination of 74 year old Hockney’s eye for detail, creative hand, and artistically passionate heart will make for a wonderfully personal exhibition that portrays the artist’s love and admiration for his native Yorkshire landscape. A true leader of creators!



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Doug Hyde – View all 8 of his Collections including the latest ‘Smiles Allround’

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Always the bearer of useful info, as a follow up to our previous post http://www.fineartblog.co.uk/?p=443 which had Doug’s previous collections 1st – 6th, we now showcase the 6th (again) the 7th and the 8th Collection, his latest: ‘Smiles Allround’

‘Summer Holiday’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘Time Of My Life Collection’ (his 6th)

‘Happy Campers’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘Heart & Soul Collection’ (his 7th)

‘The Modfather’ limited edition by Doug Hyde
Click above to view the ‘Smiles Allround Collection’ (his 8th)
(Also known as ‘Smiles All Round’)

Please keep an eye on the blog for our commentary on the ‘Smiles Allround’ which will come very soon

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Artist Paul James – Where Urban Meets Farmyard!!!

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Paul James was born and raised in Leicestershire, where he grew up with a natural talent for art. Encouraged by his parents, he progressed artistically & with the advice of his school teachers, went on to art college to study graphic design. Paul did not complete his course & instead began to sell paintings of vintage cars and neighbours pets…more on his artistic journey in a later post!

‘Up The Swanee’
limited edition on paper & canvas by Paul James

You may be surprised to hear that Paul James is also a self-taught artist, as he is so incredibly talented you may not necessarily link those two statements! Paul is known for his very realistic, almost photgraphic looking paintings of animals and landscapes. His artworks have gained him a big following in both the UK and overseas such as the USA & Ireland to name but two and it is not hard to see why. His uncanny ability to paint animals in fascinating detail and capture amusing poses & expressions has endeared him to the public.

limited edition on paper & canvas by Paul James

Paul has had the amazing success and honour of being published by not one, but several different publishing houses during his career, which just goes to show his continuing popularity and the first class art he is producing. His art takes a great deal of time to paint & we can see this in his great attention to detail, the subtle colours in the animal’s coats & the way you can see each separate animal hair in places!

‘Kred Gordon’
limited edition on paper & canvas by Paul James

A little known fact about Paul is that he is also a very talented musician and composer, he has even released a CD of his music, as well as performing for live audiences. Now that is what I call multi-talented! Although, it would not be hard to guess that Paul is an artist of many talents due to the versatility of his art, the fact that he can paint a serious picture of a landscape on the one hand and then a humorous animal the next.

Paul was previously published by Washington Green Fine Art publishers. New For Winter 2010 Paul is now being published/distributed by Demontfort Fine Art publishers…again we will have more on this in a future post!

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Heres some tips on how to paint animals

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Artist Sarah Graham is always losing her marbles?!

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Hello Sarah Graham fans! It seems that almost all of the most popular artists are releasing new work at the moment but this time it is Sarah Graham’s we are loving!

True to her usual style, she has painted brightly coloured sweets and toys. Her realistic pictures lead people to believe her pictures are photographs or some photoshop creation when of course they are from her own brush!

‘Lollipop Carousel’ by Sarah Graham
(Limited edition box canvas)

Her unique style is amazing & the attention to detail makes you believe how real they look; Sarah is indeed an extremely talented artist.

I especially love the vibrant colours and the way she has shown the light reflecting in all the creases of the sweet wrappers.

‘Found My Marbles’ by Sarah Graham
(Limited edition box canvas)

Wow. This is a very difficult subject to paint because there is so much light refraction in the glass, distorting the colourful swirls inside. However, Sarah has once again painted this picture so realistically, it could be a photograph! She has even painted every single light reflection, making this a dramatic, colourful yet light piece. I think it was a great idea to place them on a reflecting surface, so that the focus on the marbles is increased even more.

‘Pick n Mix’ by Sarah Graham
(Limited edition box canvas)

This one has to be my favourite! And not because I loved pick n mix as a child! This piece is yet another work by Sarah Graham that is so realistic, you feel like you could take a sweet from the picture and eat it! She has managed to reproduce perfectly the colours and even the varying textures of all the different sweets! Even the sweet bag has been reproduced with super realism; it must be very difficult to paint straight lines on a crinkled bag!

The way she blurs the background enhances the photographic feel of her piece and draws the eye to the places she wants the viewer to look.


Last ever bag of Woolworths pick n mix sells for £14500!!!
The History Of Marbles

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