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Good news Szikora fans!!! More new art from Sarah Jane Szikora, one of the UK’s best loved humorous artists!!

‘Ladies Wot Lunch’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

Yes, more gingerbread people, more fat ladies and more crazy humour is in store for you!!

‘Rude Food’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

“Rude Food”, Szikora’s new gingerbread piece, we are expecting to be extremely popular. In fact it might even be a sell-out within weeks!! As Sarah has a massive fan base who follow her gingerbread art specifically! I love her crazy imagination & would love to know what goes on inside her mind for a day! A pole dancing gingerbread lady;) honestly…

‘Home Sweet Home’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

As well as this piece we have “Home Sweet Home” where we have a family; a gingerbread man and a chocolate bunny! And they have some mixed-race children. That is to say, the children are gingerbread with *ahem* bunny ears and a bunny tail!!! Szikora will never cease to amaze us I’m sure!

‘Blushin’ Dolls’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

I don’t want to bore you with descriptions of her art when you can see it for yourselves but you really must see it, her sense of humour is amazing, if a little nefarious at times. Blushing Dolls is really amusing once you realise what’s so funny about it. For me, it took several glances at the picture until I clocked it!

‘Pet Grooming’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print)

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artist Sarah Jane Szikora – is she a ‘Smarty Pants’? lol

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We have a special sneaky peak at 1 of the 2 new Sarah Jane Szikora’s about to be released in September 2009

(‘Smarty Pants’ by Sarah Jane Szikora)

‘Smarty Pant’s is the image shown and there is also going to be a picture called ‘Land Of Hope And Glory’ which will feature jelly babies we have been told

How brilliant does Smarty Pants look!

We have been told there will be 2 versions of each, an on paper (Mounted) version and a canvas version (Box Canvas)

Can’t wait!

Thank you



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Sarah Jane Szikora – Spring 2009 New Releases – Comment 2

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Finally, we managed to get round to the final part of the Press Release that came with Sarah’s spring releases, hopefully we will be a bit quicker come the next releases due in September 2009 and I have had word they will be amazing!

(‘The Merry Widdow’)

“In a piece in joyous celebration of the end of an era, ‘Merry Widow’ has an old style musical feel with a chorus line of jelly babies and shows the absolute freedom Sarah-Jane now has after 13 years of being published by other people, to paint and publish her own limited editions prints.

(‘Sweet Music’)

This fresh start inspired Sarah-Jane Szikora to paint 3 wonderfully happy paintings. In ‘Sweet Music’ we view the artist conducting her own choir of gingerbread men, singing her song 🙂 and even though they maybe playing out of tune a little, it’s clearly music to Sarah’s ears!

(‘UFO – Unidentified Fizzing Object’)

What do jelly babies do behind closed doors? Well ‘Unidentified fizzing Objects’ playfully shows the secret double life of some of the nations favourite sweets and manages to capture our hearts at the same time.

(‘The Makeover’)

And last but not least there is ‘The Makeover.’ (which has proved to be the most popular piece – Emily) Sarah-Jane’s mischievous sense of humour, at a gloomy economic time, brings a welcome smile back to your face. In an art business that takes itself very seriously, gingerbread men in their underpants is just what the doctor ordered!”



Sarah Jane Szikora – Spring 2009 New Releases – Comment 1

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We have delved into the archives again to give you some of the info that Sarah-Jane Szikora people released with her Spring 2009 collection as many of you have been emailing for more and it explains, in her own words, the thinking behind each painting:

(L’Enfant Terrible by Sarah Jane Szikora)

“Sarah-Jane paints from her own experiences and this collection of new limited edition prints catalogues both an unusual and troublesome year in her life & career. In ‘L’Enfant Terrible’ and ‘Misfit’, Sarah-Jane records the strained relationship with her old publisher Washington Green. This situation led to what has so far been a 2 year legal dispute, an appearance at London’s High Courts in January 2008 and Sarah herself as ‘The Defendant.’

(Misfit by Sarah Jane Szikora)

These paintings are highly personal and to a degree the pictures describe themselves.
During this period, Sarah-Jane has been delighted to discover huge support & goodwill from both galleries and collectors worldwide, receiving scores of letters & emails urging her to hang in there. Cleverly Sarah painted those who have followed her artwork for years and continue to do so in ‘Mischief of Mice.’

(The Defendant by Sarah Jane Szikora)

Part 2 coming soon! So stay tuned!

(Mischief Of Mice by Sarah Jane Szikora)

thank you


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