Artist Bruno Tinucci – He likes rolling around in Tuscan fields!

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As a self-taught landscape artist, Tinucci found his own style of painting. His style has a touch of Livornese tradition as well as his personal style of using bright colours and bold brush strokes. He has a more traditional feel to his work which never goes out of fashion and can be described as classic and timeless.

“La Bella Campagna” by Bruno Tinucci

His works portray beautiful Tuscan countryside landscapes that you may expect to see on Italian sauce jars or wine bottles in the supermarket! Yes, his paintings show us that what we imagine the Tuscan countryside to look like is true.

“Vista del Paese II” by Bruno Tinucci

“People these days are interested in artistic pieces of great value and that is exactly what Bruno Tinucci’s paintings have achieved. However, not only does he keep tradition alive but he also expresses it with an up-to-date style that shows his greater understanding of contemporary art.” On Bruno Tinucci by Italian television art critic Mauro Innocenti in 1974 at an exhibition at “La Garda”, Milan.

The new release “La Bella Campage” I especially like, for the way he has painted the flowers in the foreground with wisps of purple, red and yellow. I feel it is clever to have integrated this contemporary piece with traditional aspects.

Livorno, Italy
Milan, Italy

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