Artist Linda Charles has been sneaking off in the woods!

November 12, 2009 on 3:23 pm | In Landscape Art, Linda Charles, New Releases | No Comments

This artist has just released 3 brand new pieces for Washington Green’s new Autumn Collection.

Charles is well known for using light to create interesting reflections of colours in the still water from the surrounding fauna. She paints with vibrant colours to depict the greenery and flowers around the water’s edge.

(Jade Reflections by Linda Charles)

Linda says that she likes to leave the viewer wondering what is just beyond the picture, or what is just around the bend, We can imagine what we like as the answer to that question is a mystery. Charles claims her inspiration is based on her surroundings, after all, she does live in the countryside in Hertfordshire close to a National Trust site! She often goes out into the woods with her pet dog and finds areas that inspire her to paint.

(Lilac Time by Linda Charles)

I especially love “Lilac Time” because of her use of colour, there are so many different shades of purple and the reflections of the flowers cast on the stream looks amazing. However I also really like “Sweet Harmony” because of the vibrancy of the red shades she has used in the piece.

(Sweet Harmony by Linda Charles)

These pictures of her work just dont do them justice. Go to a gallery and you can really appreciate the textures and colour contrasts.

Click here to see the countryside which has inspired Linda Charles

Click here for my interpretation of what is just beyond the stream!



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