Caroline Shotton – Bit Of Red, Bit Of Cows, Bit Of Canvas

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Artist Caroline Shotton has produced a lovely new red Box Canvas ‘From Me To Moo’ just in time for Valentines Day here in the UK on February 14th.

(Here is the publisher’s jpeg of the item:)

From Me To Moo by artist Caroline Shotton

The red ones where always traditionally her fastest selling Box Canvases and with the 2 tone effect of red, this is one a little bit different. It’s also unique, in that the flowers that appear on the piece are actually bonded onto the canvas, and it works really well.

The blades of grass also have the same effect. It could be that these embellished pieces with more intricate embellishment is the way she’s moving forward, whatever the case, I like it!

(Here’s a section of the Canvas I photographed slightly side on, so you can really see the embellishments:)

From Me To Moo by artist Caroline Shotton - My Photo

What exactly is the magic pull of this Caroline Shotton cow art on the buying public? I’m not sure, perhaps it’s like the Aesop fable of the goose that laid the golden egg:

In other words, if the public like it they like! No need to figure out why.

The cows clearly like the finished pieces ;0) anyway.

thank you


Old Slang and Colloquialisms – Govinder Nazran sculptures remind us

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UK artist Govinder Nazran has produced 4 very cute Cat and Dog art sculptures for the hungry collectors of his work. Here’s a picture of Nitty Nora by Govinder Nazran:

Nitty Nora - Sculpture by artist Govinder Nazran

But I actually find some of the names of the sculptures as interesting as the actual look of the pieces themselves, many of them just tickle me!

The four pieces are ‘Happy Larry,’ ‘Nitty Nora,’ ‘Sigmund Squelch’ & a very long one: ‘Just Because I Rock Doesn’t Mean I’m Made Of Stone.’ II thought it would be fun to delve in and find out where these names may originate from.

Happy Larry – sculpture

Seems to be a number of suggestions about this one and the origin of the much used phrase: ‘Happy As Larry’ and it perhaps originates from a nineteenth century writer G L Meredith from new Zealand.

(Here is an image of the sculpture:)

Happy Larry - Sculpture by artist Govinder Nazran

Nitty Nora – Sculpture

Seems to be the nick name for the ladies that came into British schools and clean Nits from children hair, although I personally can’t remember the name!,,1934763,00.html

Just Because I Rock Doesn’t Mean I’m Made Of Stone – Sculpture

(Here is an image of the sculpture:)

Just Because I Rock Doesn't Mean Im Made Of Stone - Sculpture by artist Govinder Nazran

I’m not sure if this is a lyric from a rock song but certainly it’s a quote from a film “Me Myself and Irene” with Jim Carrey, who has a split personality and plays the demented Hank Evans in parts of the movie.

Sigmund Squelch – Sculpture

I think this is probably a pun on the Name of Sigmund Freud, the world famous pioneering Austrian psychiatrist

(Here is an image of the sculpture:)

Sigmund Squelch - Sculpture by artist Govinder Nazran

These stunning sculptures are a great addition to Govinder’s range and yet again allow us to delve into the imagination of the man. The finish on these pieces is always very clean and the colours are always vibrant.

thank you


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