Salvador Dali Artist – New Limited Edition artwork for 2007/2008

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New for late 2007-2008, some incredible limited edition artwork by the surrealist legend that was Salvador Dali, have been released via the UK market to buyers around the world.

(Homage To Fashion by Salvador Dali)

6 of his original paintings have been reproduced into Limited Edition print format and some of his most famous artwork creations have been transformed into 9 incredible and highly detailed Limited Edition sculptures.

I think this collection of prints and sculpture are some of the best pieces that have come onto the art market for a long time.

(Homage to Terpsichore – Sculpture by Salvador Dali)

The sculptures are something very unique and special and it means that these interpretations of Dali’s work are available, in this unique format, for the very first time. I have personally seen some of these sculptures and I was blown away by the detail in them, simply superb.

The limited edition prints are fabulous and certainly they have picked some of the strongest Dali images I have ever seen. The piece entitled ‘Lady Godiva’ is one of my favourites. The pieces have been produced via a mixed media format with huge amount of work going into each piece, I will go into some more detail in another blog post.

(Surrealist Piano – Sculpture by Salvador Dali)

The limited edition prints come with a unique stamp by the Dali Foundation, making these highly collectable.

The collection contains 6 Limited Edition prints and 11 sculptures, and I feel it is the sculptures that are the Tour De Force of the collection, mainly because I have never seen anything quite like this released onto the art market.

(Dance Of Time I – Sculpture by Salvador Dali)

The 6 limited edition prints are entitled:

Alice In Wonderland
Dance Of Time
Homage To Fashion
Lady Godiva
Space Triumph
Surrealist Piano

(Lady Godiva by Salvador Dali)

The 11 limited edition sculptures are entitled:

Dance Of Time I, II, III and IV – Sculptures
Homage to Terpsichore – Sculpture
Nobility Of Time – Sculpture
Space Elephant – Sculpture
Space Venus – Sculpture
Surrealist Piano – Sculpture
Triumph Elephant – Sculpture

(Nobility Of Time – Sculpture by Salvador Dali)

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Doug Hyde – great paintings, great St. Valentines Day images

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Well the talented British artist that is Doug Hyde has released some new releases for St. Valentines Day 2008 and I just love them!

(‘First Date’ by Doug Hyde:)

First Date by Doug Hyde

Doug’s images with dogs (normally a black dog) have always been really strong images for him that the public has gone crazy for; who knows why? Perhaps it is the cuteness of the pictures that we associate so strongly with are own pets, I mean pets are cute right?

(‘Our Place’ by Doug Hyde:)

Our Place by Doug Hyde

Introducing a new character for Doug, he gives us a Bunny Rabbit! of all creatures…with massive floppy ears!..I think he’s very fluffy and cute and reminds me of the cuddly toys you can buy.

‘First Date’, a very apt title for Valentines Day is also a great image and brings together again, some of the best elements of Doug Hyde’s work: the little people, the hearts, the kisses and again the lush red background and I notice they have brought out a bronze representing the picture (First Date – Bronze Sculpture) and it’s smaller but more affordable than all previous bronzes which retail for nearly £500.00 upwards.

(‘Big Foot’ by Doug Hyde:)

Big Foot by Doug Hyde

Happy Valentine’s day everybody! mwah lol

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