The hugely talented Lorenzo Quinn & his limited edtion sculptures

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One of my favourite sculpture artists is the hugely talented Lorenzo Quinn.

Lorenzo has different projects ‘on the go’ all over the world but is known by most art buyers for his range of limited edition sculptures.

(Give & Take III, Bronze Plated version by Lorenzo Quinn)

After reading several articles on the man, I know that a tremendous amount of thought goes into each sculpture he produces and that is one of the reasons I think the public is so fascinated by him, it’s obvious he produces very personal sculptures.

(Gravity by Lorenzo Quinn)

There are a couple of things the average Art buyer doesn’t know about Lorenzo Quinn, firstly he is the son of the late, legendary, Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn and secondly his main line of work is actually larger commission pieces, much large than the limited edition sculptures (normally maximum of 24’’ inches tall) for sale on the internet.

(Photograph of Lorenzo Quinn)

I look forwarding to discussing the artist at length soon.

He currently resides In Barcelona, Spain.

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Looks like he’s done some acting and producing as well, as he has a link to IMDB

Beryl Cook’s limited edition art – selling fast everywhere

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The rush for Beryl Cook’s work continues as the public continues to pay tribute to one of the UK’s most beloved artists by buying some of her signed limited edition pieces.

(The Birthday Cake by Beryl Cook)

The cheekiness of her work is something that brought a smile to so many of us, she seemed to capture something very quaint about British people’s lives and social behaviour.

(Dirty Dancing by Beryl Cook)

Although not as brash as saucy seaside humour, the type of which you see on postcards at British seaside destinations, there was still something very ‘tongue in cheek’ about her work. The scenes she painted, whether it be: a bar, a café or a music room and the characters within them, we can all identify some of those characters in own lives, or maybe we see ourselves!

(Shoe Shop by Beryl Cook)

The 4 lithographic images still available at published price are within this post, and make a good investment as all retail at under £300 (recommended retail price £282.00) and will be signed by the artist. Ill comment on her signed, Silkscreen, limited edition work and its investment value soon.

Some of her recent Lithographic sell outs, such as ‘Full House,’ ‘In the Snug’ & ‘Strip Poker’ are already Retailing at £400 – £500 in some shops, quite a good profit if you bought recently!

(Bus Stop by Beryl Cook)

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Artist Rebecca Lardner – Limited Editions win fine art Award

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I thought I would give mention to Rebecca and her work, she was recently awarded Best New Artist 2008 by the UK’s Fine Art Trade Guild.

This is quite a prestigious award in the Fine Art industry and demand for an artist’s work has historically rocketed after receiving the award, I’m sure her publisher Demontfort Fine Art, are very proud of her.

(All At Sea by Rebecca Lardner)

What is the secret to her success? Well I can certainly comment on the artwork itself and the public’s fondness for it.

It evokes reminiscing of the British seaside towns that we have all visited at some time in our lives: The quirkiness of the town houses that are so familiar with those areas, normally in very garish colours I might add! the fishing boats, the wharfs, the moorings, the blueness of the sea, Punch and Judy!

(Coming And Going by Rebecca Lardner)

Sometimes I can look at Rebecca’s pictures, see the harbour scene, spot the seagulls and really I can feel the spray hitting my face and smell the salty sea water and for a moment I am taken away!

(Seafarers I by Rebecca Lardner)

Ill calm down now, I think I’m getting carried away?

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The Fine Art Trade Guild

Danielle O’Connor Akiyama – Canadian floral artist, simply amazing

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A truly unique floral artist Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, was first published by Demontfort Fine Art publishers in 2007 and has since gone from strength to strength and her portfolio currently stands at 8 published pieces. Her new release is called ‘Heart’s Desire.’

(Heart’s Desire by Danielle O’Connor Akiyama)

What I like about the Canadian’s work is the vibrant and bold colours that believe it or not is unique to the limited edition, Floral, art marker. I don’t think I have ever seen such striking colours on floral art before and Danielle’s work stands out from the crowd

(Moonlight Lovesong by Danielle O’Connor Akiyama)

All her work so far has been produced on ‘Box Canvas,’ which of course is another reason for its contemporary feel and the popularity of this format of art form has not declined, despite some thinking it had peaked in 2006. (see my post on the art trade’s opinion on Box Canvas’s )

Look at Danielle’ s ‘Hope Begins Anew’ series (I, II, III) I feel this highlights the uniqueness of her work, the bold colours set against a cold white background, wow!

(Hope Begins Anew II by Danielle O’Connor Akiyama)

My message to the artist, please keep doing what you are doing, it works!

Thank you


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