UK artist Steven Binks – Releases the ‘Doe-130’ Tractor print

October 31, 2008 on 6:56 pm | In New Releases, Steven Binks, Tractor & Machinery Art | 2 Comments

Steven Binks has been working hard as of late and has produced a number of new limited edition pieces featuring vintage Tractors.

His latest piece for October 2008 is the ‘Doe-130’:

We have spoken to Steven and he gave us an insight into the Doe-130 tractor in the painting:

“The Fordson Major tractor [made by Ford] ceased production in 1964 and the Ford Pre-Force was introduced in 1965. Ernest Doe carried on with production using the direct replacement – the Ford 5000. These had more horsepower than the old Fordson, so the two new “5000” bolted together gave 130 horse power – so more H.P. and a new tractor – hence a new name: “DOE 130″.

This was of course still the same concept – 2 tractors bolted together to create four wheel drive.”

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