UK artist Steven Townsend – ‘Waiting For Stan,’ border collie at Bamburgh Sands

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Well once again, its better late than never and here is my thoughts on this marvelous artwork, released 2 years ago this month.

(‘Waiting For Stan’)

‘Waiting For Stan’ has become one of Steven Townsend’s best selling limited editions of recent years. There is something about this image that has captured the imagination of Dog lover’s.

The idyllic setting, walking your dog through the surf, with the cool refreshing wind on your face and the salty smell of the sea in your nose, I’m sure triggers memories for a lot of people; however it is the way he has captured the collie in the painting that ‘sells’ this picture. So many people have commented to me that the collie ‘is their dog’ and that Steven has captured him or her perfectly. As I’m sure you’ll agree it is an absolute classic image.

(Photo of the beautiful Bamburgh Castle)

Here is the original Press Release from Steven Townsend: “We are pleased to announce the publication in print of the latest dog painting by Steven Townsend.

It is titled ‘Waiting For Stan’ and features a beautiful collie by the name of Ollie on Bamburgh Sands, which is one of Steven’s favourite places. He spotted Ollie, waiting for his owner to catch up, on one of his very early morning walks.

As in all of Steven’s dogs these new prints are already being eagerly awaited and it promises to be another top seller.”

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Paul Kenton News – Amazing new limited editions for Spring 2009

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Probably one of the most highly sought after, up and coming limited edition artists, Paul Kenton, has released more brilliant limited edition box canvas for spring 2009.

(limited edition box canvas: ‘Northbank Skyline’)

Again changing his style slightly, bringing in new colours and showing a highly developed artistic flair in his portrayal of some of the world’s most famous cities.

These releases feature: one of Amsterdam and her canals, one of The Eiffel Tower and three beautiful pictures of London.

(limited edition box canvas: ‘City Of Romance’)

His style remains unique in the art world, both his originals and the limited edition prints use a secret formula! where the hand embellished second layer is put onto the canvas/print and built up to create these black lines, that have a fabulous visual effect when you stand back and admire the pictures from a distance.

(limited edition box canvas: ‘Waters Of Westminster’)

There is an excitement and vibrancy to his work that I think is really catching on with the general public and ensures each of his pieces sells out from the publisher within weeks of being on sale!

(limited edition box canvas: ‘Lifeblood of The City’)

Which is your favourite? For me it is very hard to decide, as I love his work and also live in London, which maybe makes me bias! ‘Lifeblood Of The City’ I find stunning.

(limited edition box canvas: ‘Avenues Of Amsterdam’)

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Links on visiting these cities:

Artist Nigel Hemming News- ‘Chip Off The Old Block,’ superb New Release March 2009

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Our good friend Nigel Hemming has produced another superb image, which was released this month at Crufts Dog Show 2009.

(Limited edition print: ‘Chip Off The Old Block’)

This lovely scene features a Chocolate Labrador and a puppy in front of the fire place, which is heart warming image anyway, fireplace or not!

Nigel’s award winning ‘narrative style’ is of course ever present: what’s perked up these dogs interest? is the master going to take them out? Is it dinner time? Is someone at the door? So many questions come to mind and you can’t help but smile.

I feel this really shows the loveable beauty of the Labrador Retriever and their ever present inquisitive nature. I also love the detail in this picture, from the items on the wall in the background, the detail of the fireplace door, the fine dog hair, to the rug; there is so much for the eye to take in.

Another classic Nigel Hemming image but hurry only 95 copies released worldwide!

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Steven Townsend Dog Art news – ‘Tribute To Moses’ & ‘Monty’

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Better late than never, we finally have a few words from UK artist Steven Townsend about last years highly successful limited edition print: ‘Tribute to Moses’ – Published Sep 2008.

(Limited edition print: ‘Tribute To Moses’)

“This is the new dog from Steven Townsend called ‘Tribute To Moses.’ I am sure no one is going to argue about how handsome a dog Moses is and therefore I do not need to say much more about this really beautiful, friendly natured Black Labrador.

He is four years old, born 26th May 2004 and is the half brother to Monty.(also featured in his own limited print called ‘Monty.’) Both have the same mother, Bif a Field Trial Champion, owned and trained by Jim Swindlehurst.

That is why the 2 pictures Monty & Tribute To Moses go so well together, they really complement each other. Both Monty & Moses are working dogs and are owned and trained by the same owner, David Lloyd, although he does admit that they are also family pets.

Why Tribute to Moses? Well he was named after the owners father Moses, who passed away some 16 years ago. He had a real love for dogs and through out his life had many working dogs including Labradors so it seems a fitting title.”

(Limited edition print: ‘Monty’)

I hope you receive lots of pleasure from Steven latest labrador piece, once again please remember these are limited editions taken from a painting, not a photo! Steven paints in a photo realistic style!




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