Bob Dylan – Huge Announcement, new exclusive Limited Edition prints 2009

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Those great guys at Chelmer Fine Art gallery have made a big announcement re: the legendary Bob Dylan and some special New artwork he will be releasing.

“ is pleased to invite you to attend the launch of the new Bob Dylan Collection 2009 in the gallery & online on Saturday 25th July 2009”

Rolf Harris

This is actual artwork painted by Bob Dylan and produced into signed limited edition format, true collector’s items!

Jump on their website and take a look on the 25th of July: Bob Dylan’s New Releases 2009

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Artist Caroline Shotton – Are these cows upset? ‘blue’ even?

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This is the latest Caroline Shotton release ‘Blue Moon’ box canvas.

Around the whole outline of the moon itself are hand placed, jewels which is a lovely finishing touch to this wonderfully vibrant piece.

Before this piece came out my favourite colour for a Shotton background was red but now, with the very deep blue, I think this is now the clear winner.

There is some hidden depth to this painting, the detail in the top half of the sky and the craters in the moon. It is a tribute to Caroline that she makes these paintings look so ridiculously simple but in fact there is a strong artistic intelligence behind them.

Blue moon but very happy cows!



Artist Caroline Shotton – pictures lie, cows do not!

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We wanted to make the point that sometimes the images that are press released (in advance of the item arriving in the gallery) don’t do the pictures justice and the finished artwork is often much much nicer in person!

(Press release image ‘Two & A Calf’)

This was particularly the case when Caroline Shotton released the 4 limited edition box canvas’s
‘Moo Too,’
‘Two And A Calf,’
‘2 Pint 4’
‘Meet The Famooly’
in Autumn last year.

Above is the press release image for ‘Two & Calf’ by Caroline Shotton. The image looks really quite flat, mostly variation of red and with no embellishments.

Now let’s looks at some camera images we took of the actual painting:

(picture we took of ‘Two & A Calf’)

Take a closer look at the actual ‘jewels’ on the box canvas, on this picture they are yellow and on the other titles in the series they where various colours, I remember one was this amazing shade of purple!

(notice the stuck on yellow jewels, and stuck on fabric hearts)

(notice the finish on the white, starting from above the cow’s noses)

Even the faces of the cows are actually embellished and are raised with actual paint work, this is not a flat off the printer finish but a much more special, lively image that looks like it’s actually come directly out of Caroline’s studio

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Sarah Jane Szikora – Spring 2009 New Releases – Comment 2

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Finally, we managed to get round to the final part of the Press Release that came with Sarah’s spring releases, hopefully we will be a bit quicker come the next releases due in September 2009 and I have had word they will be amazing!

(‘The Merry Widdow’)

“In a piece in joyous celebration of the end of an era, ‘Merry Widow’ has an old style musical feel with a chorus line of jelly babies and shows the absolute freedom Sarah-Jane now has after 13 years of being published by other people, to paint and publish her own limited editions prints.

(‘Sweet Music’)

This fresh start inspired Sarah-Jane Szikora to paint 3 wonderfully happy paintings. In ‘Sweet Music’ we view the artist conducting her own choir of gingerbread men, singing her song 🙂 and even though they maybe playing out of tune a little, it’s clearly music to Sarah’s ears!

(‘UFO – Unidentified Fizzing Object’)

What do jelly babies do behind closed doors? Well ‘Unidentified fizzing Objects’ playfully shows the secret double life of some of the nations favourite sweets and manages to capture our hearts at the same time.

(‘The Makeover’)

And last but not least there is ‘The Makeover.’ (which has proved to be the most popular piece – Emily) Sarah-Jane’s mischievous sense of humour, at a gloomy economic time, brings a welcome smile back to your face. In an art business that takes itself very seriously, gingerbread men in their underpants is just what the doctor ordered!”



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