Artist Steven Townsend – releases ‘Truffle’ black labrador bitch

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Better late than never again, we now have a quick press release about Steven Townsend latest painting, yes it is a limited edition print from a painting and not a photo!

(‘Truffle’ by Steven Townsend)

“This is Steven’s latest print called Truffle. Truffle is the first bitch that Steven has ever painted, she is 10 years old and a real character but more importantly she looks like everyone’s idea of a black Labrador.

Truffle lives with her owner Karen Powell in Gosforth in the beautiful Lake District, UK. In her younger days Truffle was a working dog but now is a pet and the only dog to live in Karen’s home.

The dog is pictured on it owns backdoor, the beautiful banks of Wast Water. It is quite a while since Steven painted a dog in a landscape and it is proving to be another ‘Master Of The Hills’ (another of Steve’s classic dog paintings) as far as Steven’s collectors are concerned.”

(‘Masters Of The Hills’ by Steven Townsend)

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Lake District
Gosforth, Lake District
Wast Water, Lake District

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