Artist Steven Binks at work on his latest limited editon print ‘Chasing The Past’

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Steven Binks latest limited edition print ‘Chasing The Past’ is very special indeed. Like many of his other vintage tractor & machinery art, this is yet another first! For the first time in Limited edition print format Steven has painted 3 unique combine harvesters together.

(above Steven painting ‘Chasing The Past’)

Steven sent us this photo some weeks ago & it shows him busy in the middle of painting ‘Chasing The Past’ as you can see, at this stage only the lead combine harvester, the Massey Harris 21 is present.

Nearly forgot! The 3 combines featured are:
-Massey Harris 21
-Massey Ferguson 780 Special (Steven’s own combine, with him driving)
-Massey Ferguson 500 (The combine used in his “60’s Harvest – No.2” Limited edition print)

These photos offer an unprecedented insight into the artist’s painting technique as he is clearly working closely with numerous photographs he has taken of the combines.

Steven Binks is a very unique talent indeed and he tells us that an ‘average’ (although no Binks painting could be called average!) takes 1 week full time, the problem is an artist as popular as Steven is very busy with other projects, appearances and setting up his next paintings…

(Above is the original painting of ‘Chasing The Past’ near completion)

…Steven tells us he likes to arrange for a tractor or a combine to literally be in the field at work & if he can to drive it himself during the shoot! and take photos of the machine, in preparation for starting his painting back at the studio.

More to come soon

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Useful Links:
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Rolf Harris’s 80th Birthday celebrations, artwork & appearances – 30th March 2010

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We have just received word that there are some amazing, new, limited edition artwork by Rolf Harris in production and due for release next year to coincide with Rolf Harris’s 80th birthday celebrations on the 30th March 2010.

Some of the team at recently had the pleasure of meeting Rolf at a Demont Fort Fine Art Publisher’s trade show event in Feb 2009.

Dressed in jeans and a leather jacket he seemed to defy his years and looked very sprightly indeed for a man of his years

I also hear there will be appearances by Rolf Harris in galleries across the UK and possibly a complete New ‘collection,’ his first in 4 years, coming as well.

We are very excited and will bring you more news as we have it…I suggest all buyers get their invite and pre-orders in early, this will be massive.

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Rolf Harris biography
Rolf’s work at the National Museum of Oz

Artist Caroline Shotton Movin’ collection – she gets her butt ‘branded’

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Well that got your attention! The Caroline Shotton Moovin’ Tour/collection contains 8 funky box canvases and a new sculpture but she has now diversified into branded goods, knick knacks if you will!

(Leather handbag & Leather purse by Caroline Shotton)

We have 6 items to be exact: a Pill box, Key ring, Compact mirror, Bottle Stop, Leather Handbag & Leather Purse (& of course the new sculpture)

What do you the public think of this? By the reaction to it, people have warmed to having some of Caroline Shotton’s ‘branded’ items. For one thing they are affordable momentums of Caroline’s work and for another, they are highly collectable in their own right.

(‘I Love Moo’ Compact Mirror by Caroline Shotton)

Many years ago some of the big publishing houses had the bright idea to bring out sculptures relating to a particular Limited Edition print, very often giving it the same name. I guess it follows that the time is right to add even more collectability to an artists’s name by moving into other products.

(‘I Love Moo’ Key Ring by Caroline Shotton)

If this is handled right and in a limited capacity, yes I know the key ring is a limited edition of 2000! but if they do this with a limited number of artists, a limited number of times, I think it will be highly successful addition to their range.

(‘I Love Moo’ Pill Box by Caroline Shotton)

There are people who have bought sculptures (e.g. one of Caroline’s) who have never bought a picture before but they end up buying one of her box canvases. In the same way some people might by a bottle stop, and then progress to buying her art, the Diamonds Are For Heifers is a brilliant example (see below)

As they say on the compare the meerkat advert, simples!

(above top, Diamonds Are For Heifers box canvas, & below is the new sculpture of the same name by Caroline Shotton)

(‘I Love Moo’ Bottle Stop by Caroline Shotton)

The basics of ‘branding’
Collectability in the toy market
Weird article on a Nazi super cow breed

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Caroline Shotton – Dairy Milk, warning cow seen inside a Cadbury’s dairy milk bar bar & they are not Moovin’

October 2, 2009 on 8:44 pm | In Box Canvas, Caroline Shotton, Cows, Humour, Naive Art, New Releases | 2 Comments

(‘Dairy Milk’ by Caroline Shotton)

Well not quite! Oh my god we just did two jokes within 1 line of text that has to be a record for lol

This is our first comment on the wonderful new collection by the nation’s favourite mooster, Caroline Shotton and it is called: Moovin’

‘Dairy Milk’ is the centrepiece of the new Moovin’ collection & it has one of Caroline’ s cows bursting out of a Cadbury’s dairy milk bar!

Weird to think this is Caroline Shotton’s first attempt at associating her limited edition, cow box canvas’s with chocolate but think about it, you can’t have chocolate without milk, you can’t have milk without cows!

(‘Kids’ by Caroline Shotton)

We will have more for you on the Moovin’ collection very soon but for the moment ill leave you with the fact that there are:
8 Box Canvas’s , 1 sculpture & 6 ‘branded’ goods featuring Shotton’s cows, from handbags to keyring in this fun and colourful collection.

thank you


A dynamic adventure into the dairy industry
Ig Nobel prize for study showing cows with names produce more milk

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