Artist Paul Horton: Anyone For A Snowball Fight?! – ‘Its A Wonderful Life’

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Hey all,
I know, I know, I recently posted about Paul Horton’s recent new Tour, but he’s gone and brought out two more newbies for this Christmas and they are definitely bound to be a ‘snowballing success’!!

Its A Wonderful Life by Paul Horton

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Did you know that when Horton’s pictures feature ‘the snowman’ such as “On A Magical Winter’s Eve” and “When You Need A Special Friend” they sell out like wildfire? So, anyone who wants one of these snowman pictures is advised to order theirs ASAP.

Somewhere Only We Know by Paul Horton

Aww is’nt that sweet? A happy couple on their jollies beside the sea with their pet doggy.

So, as we are nearing Christmas, (Only 4 Weeks to go peeps, woohoo!) Im going to tell you about Horton’s ickle pressies he has released as well…

Summer Days, Winter Nights Cufflinks by Paul Horton

Cufflinks!! What man’s Christmas stocking is’nt complete without a pair of cufflinks? Especially if they are made by his favourite artist!

Heart And Soul Keyring by Paul Horton

Keyrings!! A nice little wrap-up for any Paul Horton fans out there.

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Artist Doug Hyde Has A ‘Surprise’ In Store For Christmas!

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Newly released ‘Surprise’ is a wee bit cheekier but nonetheless cuter than Doug Hyde’s usual limited edition pieces, as his pastel drawn character is wrapped up in a bow and nothing else as far as I can see! Surely a great crimbo pressie for a partner or that special Christmas gift for a family member?

(Surprise, limited edition print by Doug Hyde)

A bit short on detail perhaps, his little character never even wears shoes & I bet he has cold feet. Also there’s not much facial features about him either but I fell this endears the audience to the little character’s face, wondering what has made him so happy & proud to be the latest gift!

Amazingly, these sold out within under a week of them being released to UK galleries, truly Doug Hyde continues to be an art phenomena & long may it last 🙂

(Surprise, limited edition sculpture by Doug Hyde)

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Artist Mackenzie Thorpe to go ‘Self-publishing’ as of Jan 1st 2010

November 25, 2009 on 12:16 pm | In Breaking News, Mackenzie Thorpe, Naive Art, Washington Green Fine Art | 1 Comment

We have heard news that Mackenzie Thorpe is to go ‘self-publishing’ as of January 1st 2010 and he will end his publishing/distribution through Washington Green Fine Art Publishers of the UK.

This represents a massive shift in how Mackenzie’s limited edition prints & sculptures will be marketed and the availability of his works, either he will be more ‘findable’ to the average art buyer or harder to obtain as he will now be obtained only few a few select galleries, so potentially this could be good or bad news for the art buyer. How this will effect pricing of his works, i.e. higher or lower! is yet to be determined.

This will also likely effect distribution of his work in the USA and abroad as well. As soon as we have more details we will let you know.

There is a rumour that Washington Green will do a retrospective collection which is normally involves: new brochures, promotion and a ‘tour’ in select galleries of previously published Mackenzie Thorpe work, will have to wait and see.

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Artist Caroline Shotton: Milking it for all she’s worth!!!

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Hi there!

Here we are again with another Caroline Shotton Blog for you!

She has released some more work and we thought we would show it to you fine people.

In her new work, she has altered and developed her style and use of colours as well as mediums and given us some of her most colourful work to date.

Please read on for more!

Mini Moo and Mini Me by Caroline Shotton

Mini Mee and Mini Moo

One is Pink, one is Blue

Bright and colourful, they will attract you!

She hand-embellished them using glue,

With her trademark cow watching you

Some say her work makes them blue

But Caroline Shotton: We love moo!

Beef Dripping by Caroline Shotton

How very apt! After all, her cows have got ‘dripping’ wet in the rain in this picture despite their umbrellas – lack of opposable thumbs you see. However, it doesn’t seem to have changed their expressions at all. They don’t look any more surprised than usual! As you can see, Shotton is developing her style once again using new colours and a slightly different style.


Mooon River by Caroline Shotton

This style is a classic of Shottons, it is always popular and sells out very quickly. People must like cows and moons together, I wonder why… Hey, diddle-diddle. I do like this picture though, especially the reflection of the moon in the lake in the background half covered by the reeds.

Kids by Caroline Shotton

Here we see a family of cows, but the focus is obviously on the kids. But why are the kids all speckled with brown? I think it’s because they have been eating chocolate and got dirty, just like real kids!

Have I Got Moos For You by Caroline Shotton

In this piece she has made a collage of newspaper clippings for the background, which is another new style for Shotton. I read that she also added clippings from her critics to the background. I really like this picture, the texture and colour really intrigue me.

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