Artist Nicky Belton – shes not all bras & knickers you know!

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Nicky Belton is a popular contemporary artist with a lot of influence from the textile and fashion industries.

Her preferred mediums are handmade papers and bright inks, which she uses to create her Original paintings. This style may sound unusual but it matches her art perfectly. Her limited editions are then reproduced from these original works.

‘Naughty Little Number II’ limited edition print by Nicky Belton

Nicky Belton is most well known and loved for her pictures of corsets and other lingerie, however she also paints cats, dogs and female accessories such as handbags and shoes. This means that her art tends to appeal to women a little more than it does to men but I have still heard men say how beautiful her art work is!

‘Corsets I’ – original artwork by Nicky Belton

Her designs are beautiful yet a little bit saucy. Her original art with their intricate designs & colours actually matches the colour & feel of the paper well. The slightly creased, materialistic texture of the handmade paper gives an interesting look to the artwork and I don’t believe it would looks as good without it. I especially like her pictures of corsets with pretty designs of flowers embellished with silver paint. The colours in these pieces are more subdued yet opaque.

Kinky Corsets I, limited edition print by Nicky Belton

I think it worth paying that little bit extra for an original piece of artwork, after all, how could one not appreciate more the handmade paper and the hand-embellished artwork? Of course all original work is unique – so when a person buys a piece of her art there will never be another exactly the same & that is another reason buyers prefer them. I have heard several viewers say that if only Nicky actually made the lingerie accessories she paints, because they would buy them!

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Artist Lawrence Coulson – the UK’s most successful limited edition artist?

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We have not yet mentioned the extraordinary artist Lawrence Coulson in our blog, so I am going to tell you a little about him, his background and his art.

Shoreline Fire, limited edition print by Lawrence Coulson

Coulson grew up around art, as his father Gerald Coulson was a successful artist, painting mainly landscape and aviation scenes. However, Lawrence did not feel as adept at painting as his father & so never viewed art as a career choice, painting only as a hobby.

His favourite medium at that time was watercolours but later his father persuaded him to experiment with oils instead. This he did, with much trepidation and soon realised he much preferred the results he achieved with oil paints. Eventually, Lawrence Coulson & other began to realised he did have artistic talent…

Catching The Breeze limited edition print by Lawrence Coulson

Coulson was working as a retail manager during this time and struggled with the exciting prospect of trying to become a successful professional artist or playing it safe and staying in his job. But the demand for his art continued to grow until Coulson had to choose between keeping his job or pursuing art as a full time career. Luckily for us, he decided on the latter and plunged into his new career in 1997, inspired by the comments of both his father and many others, including a restaurant owner who asked Lawrence to try selling artwork on his walls – & shortly after that Lawrence got his first customer!

Coulson paints landscapes, and he himself states this is because he loves the British countryside & all the different atmospheres he discovers at different times, in different weathers and in different places, which in essence is what he tries to capture in his paintings.

Moonlight Sparkle limited edition print by Lawrence Coulson

In 2003 Lawrence Coulson won the Fine Art Trade Guilds award for “Best Selling Published Artist” which is a great accomplishment for a self-taught artist. Coulson has also experienced much commercial success and a large fan base & is one of the most recognisable artwork in any high street gallery. It is amazing to think that he was reluctant to leave his other job & become an artist in case he was not successful (he and his wife had a baby at that time) given the phenomenal popularity he has enjoyed.

Today he is one of the most long standing & recognisable Artists working with Washington Green Fine Art publishers & the demand for his work has never been higher

Freedom Is A Place limited edition print by Lawrence Coulson



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Australian artist Rolf Harris – Can you tell that im turning 80 years old yet?

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Just released are these 2 new limited editions by Rolf Harris for Spring 2009 & with just over 2 months until Rolf Harris’s 80th birthday on March 30th 2010, these are sure to be very special pieces.

‘Into The Sun’ by Rolf Harris

‘Into The sun,’ is a stunning lioness face study & Rolf captures beautifully the features of this most majestic of animals; stalking her prey or about to start a chase? the viewer is left to decide!

‘Uluru Sunset’ By Rolf Harris

‘Uluru Sunset’ is the second piece. Uluru, also known worldwide as ‘Ayers Rock,’ is the world famous landmark in Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park. To view the sunset there is one of the most popular excursions in the whole of Australia. With the rich warm colours, Rolf captures perfectly the scene in his trademark style.

As is usual now they are released as (1) an on paper version, which comes mounted/matted (with its borders) and will need to be glassed and framed or (2) an on canvas board edition: these are of a higher print quality & are as near a match to his original painting as possible, these are designed to not be framed but not glassed.

Rolf with his wobble board

Demand for these is huge, own a part of art history and be a part of Rolf Harris’ s 80th birthday year by owning these stunning pieces

Thanks you


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Artist Simon Claridge – Gives Famous Faces A Whole New Look!

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Simon Claridge knew he wanted to be an artist since he was very young. He claims to be extremely grateful to his college where he developed his artistic skills immeasurably in draftsmanship. When asked what he wanted to do when he grew up he always said he wanted to be an artist! Simon finally left his education with a BA in Fine Art at the University of Reading.

Blondie by Simon Claridge

From that time, he still wanted nothing else but to become an artist and painted whenever he had the chance. He says that he could not, and still cannot, imagine a life where he would not be an artist. His art quickly became popular with the public, he gained a large fan base, and was published by Washington Green.

Kate by Simon Claridge

Claridge claims to love the human form and his art does reflect this. The inspiration for these six pieces are celebrity women, including Twiggy, Kate Moss and Blondie. Simon uses Acrylic paint to achieve his look, topped off with ‘diamond dust’ (also the name of his new collection), which really makes the art look unique. These images of celebrities are not new, but the way he has captured them is very clever; they show you how the modern meets the classic. Using old retro style white frames, it gives a classic feel to the art overall.

Monroe by Simon Claridge

Simon has experimented with different art in the past, always coming up with something new and exciting, but I believe that this new style is going to be his most popular yet. This style could easily be continued with other celebrities, perhaps male celebrities next? and I’ll bet that the celebs are queuing up for the opportunity to be painted in this way. The way he paints his subjects with their classic facial expressions and the innovative use of colour (monotone) makes his pictures completely unique to other current artists. In his new collection, when asked which his favourite piece is, he said that his favourite piece is “Twiggy”.

Twiggy by Simon Claridge

You really need to get yourself to a gallery and see for yourself how great these pictures look, a photo online does not do this fantastic art justice at all. The diamond dust is not visible on the pictures, and you just can’t appreciate all the craftsmanship and thought that has gone into this art without looking at it face to face. I still can’t believe it was painted, not computerized!!!

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