Timmy Mallett celebrates ‘The Railway Children’ – film’s 40th Birthday

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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ‘The Railway Children’ film adaptation, Timmy Mallett has painted & released three brand new limited editions prints in Timmy’s classic painting style:

Timmy stands proudly with his paintings

As well as having Timmy’s signature style there is also something special about these pieces. As normal each limited editions is signed by Mallett ….AND AMAZINGLY each is also signed by 3 stars from the film – Bernard Cribbins, Jenny Agutter and Sally Thomsett! So these pieces are an absolute must have for anyone who loves one of Britain’s all time favourite children’s films!

This is a real opportunity to invest in something that you loved during your childhood or to be part of this celebration. Perhaps you are new to this film or Edith Nesbitt’s original book?

‘Send Our Love To Father’ by Timmy Mallet
(available as an on paper or canvas limited edition)

The editions of these pictures are very low – only 50 Canvas and 100 paper limited editions have been produced & this is going to heighten demand and increase dramatically the collectability of this range.

‘Saved By Red Petticoats’ by Timmy Mallett
aka: ‘Saved by Red Petticoats’
(available as an on paper or canvas limited edition)

‘Oak Worth’ by Timmy Mallett
(available as an on paper or canvas limited edition)



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Painter Paul Kenton’s – box canvases better than an ‘I Love London T-Shirt!’

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A few months ago Paul Kenton’s released 3 new Limited edition box canvas’s and we at Fineartblog.co.uk where blown away with them…

‘From Westminster Bridge’ by Paul Kenton
(Limited edition box canvas)

Due to the size and amount of hand finishing/ layering that goes into each limited editon, the arrival of these pieces into galleries was slow & these have ‘trickled’ into galleries over the last few months, as collectors count the days until their pre-order arrives.

‘From Westminster Bridge’ – was produced specifically as a follow up to ‘London Red’ which proved incredibly popular & due to high demand, some customers missed out on purchasing. The jpegs on a computer screen can never truly show the beauty and impressiveness of this piece & his wonderful use of (shades of) red in the sky and purple in the foreground. Purple is an unusual colour to be used in a modern cityscape & yet it works beautifully in this night-time piece of the Houses Of Parliament.

All the buildings are outlined with Pauls’ trade mark hand layered formula (in this case black) & to top of the masterpiece we have the classic London Red Bus caught in the moment.

‘City Reflections’ by Paul Kenton
(Limited edition box canvas)

This is Paul’s largest panoramic piece to date and a predominantly black and white, night time vision of the City of London The white buildings are also hand embelsished/outlined (in this case white) with Paul’s formula, which makes them stand out further against the background as though the picture was illuminated. Look closer and Paul’s trademark red cranes are also there!

‘Going Downtown’ by Paul Kenton
(Limited edition box canvas)

Displaying the hustle & bustle and vibrancy of one of the world’s greatest cities, with his use of bright colours, Paul has captured one of his favourite cities & although this is not the first time, there is something very fresh about the style used here. Yellow cabs buzzing around in the foreground with their distinctive banna yellow and a lush light blue used all over the painting gives this picture and almost effervescent feel to it!

let us know your thoughts…

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Painter Louise Dear – ‘An Artist In Love With Colour’

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Louise Dear’s first collection of 5 artworks, published by Washington Green Fine Art Publishers, has caused quite a reaction, turning heads in many a gallery window & indeed in the home of buyers. Her beautiful multicoloured, hand layered art work has shone a ray of light onto the UK art scene.

‘Yum Yum’ by Louise Dear
(Limited edition box canvas)

Louise’s inspiration comes from her extensive travels throughout the world during her youth, from Europe to Asia and beyond. Her beautiful pictures draw the eye with wonderful colours, bold outlined figures & large floral designs, as well as the sultry poses of her subjects, which are either self-portraits or pictures of her daughter, Lama.

‘Crush II’ by Louise Dear
(Limited edition box canvas)

I love the varying array of colours that she uses, they are vibrant and a lot different from those usually seen in high street galleries; at the same time they are not gaudy or over the top. How would one describe the work?: Figurative, urban, contemporary? I guess that is up to the viewer but there is something that grips the viewer, a style and a vision that is communicated through these evocative images.

Louise says that many women respond to her artwork and the message within them – that women enjoy their sexuality and are in control & she tells us that men also buy her artwork, as it reminds them of their partner. The artist tells us: ‘My pictures are about women feeling lush and gorgeous and free and I think a lot of women who buy my paintings can relate to that.’

‘Lovely’ by Louise Dear
(Limited edition on paper)

By not adding too much detail to her subjects, Louise makes her figures stand out & their poses all the more seductive and alluring. The artist believes that less is more & her figures and faces are only really outlined with the use of black & then these are cleverly sited onto the backgrounds. Louise then accentuates the figures with large and eyes & lips or masses of flowing hair.

‘Coo…ee!’ by Louise Dear
(Limited edition on paper)

Louise is one of Fine Art Blog’s hot picks for success in 2010, keep doing what you’re doing Louise, because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The other piece not featured that is also in the collection is ‘Crush I’




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Keith Proctor, an artist who is a bit of a ‘Jack The Lad’

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This blog will features Keith’s debut collection from earlier in the year.

Keith Proctor is a newly published artist for 2010, whose sketches and paintings currently feature his own son, ‘Jack.’ His artwork will obviously be endearing to those who have children and it will bring back fond memories for those that have grown up sons and daughters as well.

‘Jumpin’ Jack’ limited edition print by Keith Proctor

Keith is also friend of fellow artist Alexander Millar; as well as sharing artistic similarities, they also now share the same publisher, Washington Green Fine Art, thanks to Millar for introducing Keith to them and for singing his praises. Incidentally Keith also lives in the same area of the country, Northumberland, as Millar.

‘Bzzz’ limited edition print by Keith Proctor

Keith Proctor’s first published collection is called the ‘Jack The Lad’ – Tour and is still available to buy but you will need to hurry, as there are only few copies remaining from this magnificent collection of 7 limited editions. He has proved to be extremely popular with art lovers & most of his available originals have now sold to his new fan base. Keith appearance on the published art scene has caused a bit of whirlwind of excitement from buyers across the country and galleries have reported great sales since he was published In February.

‘I Have A Dream’ limited edition on board by Keith Proctor

Keith told us that despite attempts over many years, the ‘Biscuit Factory’ in Newcastle did not show his art. The Biscuit Factory is the UK’s largest commercial gallery space & where numerous artists are able to showcase their work. This is the same area that Washington Green Fine Art first found Sarah Jane Szikora, another of the UK’s most popular artists. Ill bet the Biscuit Factory wished they had shown his art now huh?!

I love the cheeky poses and actions in these pieces by Proctor and the fact that is his own child, ‘Jack’ in many of the pictures, puts extra emotion into the art for me. Art lovers can look at this art and see their own children, little brothers or nephews.

Although they are clearly prints taken from ‘oil paintings’ that have a traditional painting style about them, there is also a vibrancy, a freshness and lightness to the art somehow. Perhaps it is the subject mater that causes this and draws the viewer. The youthfulness and energy of children is a constant source of wonder for many people.

Useful Links:

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