Beryl Cook News – Official Collectors edition release: ‘Dancing the Black Bottom’

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Although the wonderful Beryl Cook is no longer with us, she most certainly lives on in her popular postcard-esque paintings. Cook was known for her portrayals of saucy, larger than life characters, often seen to be completely engrossed in their spit-and-sawdust pub social life.

Beryl Cook: ‘Dancing the Black Bottom’
Published 2011, Official Collectors Edition
Limited Edition of 650 (unsigned, posthumous release)

The ‘larger’ ladies and male characters that commonly feature in her work are inspired by the colourful characters Beryl came across in the Dolphin Pub, whilst living in the seaside town of Plymouth. In stark contrast her characters Beryl was a shy, modest woman. You could say that it was this dissimilarity that drove her to perpetually observe these larger than life personalities, as although Beryl felt she could never be this way in person, she could, in a sense, be a bit flamboyant and saucy through her art.

Beryl Cook ‘The Last Gasp’
Published 2010, Official Collectors Edition
Limited Edition of 650 (unsigned, posthumous release)

Her pieces are always full of colour and have fun titles that have the ability to make you giggle. You feel that you could walk into any pub in any British seaside town and encounter the characters Beryl is famous for painting. Her art is all about pleasure; her characters are always seen enjoying the guilty pleasures of nightlife, including booze, fags, and with a little imagination sordid chitchat and gossip. She was most definitely a talented woman that will be deeply missed by the art world and fans alike.

Beryl Cook: ‘Drinkies’
Published 2009, Official Collectors Edition
Limited Edition of 650 (unsigned, posthumous release)

We have seen all of these releases in person and the colour reproduction is superb, we feel the printing technology continues to improve year on year in the UK. Also they are professionally printed, mounted, come with certificates & are personally approved by the family to print;

It was their express wish that her pictures continue to be made available to the public. Our research shows that these lithographic prints remain the most cost effective way of owning high quality, large, collectable limited editions of her work.

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Review of The ‘ART’ Collection by artist John Wilson & his ‘Mini Masters’ paintings

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Released early last year, John Wilson’s exciting series was named simply as the ‘ART’ COLLECTION:

Official Banner for John Wilson’s the ‘Art’ COLLECTION
(Click banner to view all 7 pieces)

…featuring limited edition prints that are bright, colourful and full of surprises, surprises that as fans, we have now come to expect from his art. In the ‘ART’ COLLECTION, Wilson has moved from just his usual (art gallery) backgrounds, to now including his character’s homes, never previously featured up until that point.

‘Bedtime Story’ limited edition paper print by John Wilson

John has included some famous modern paintings in mini format in the background: including Andy Warhol’s ‘Campbell’s Soup Can,’ seen in the ‘Masters II.’

Once again, he has also included the world’s most famous Old Masters paintings (or as he calls it ‘Mini Masters’) in his backgrounds, including Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ (which has previously been recreated by some other modern popular artists we have blogged about: Rolf Harris and Caroline Shotton) & ‘The Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo DaVinci (also recreated by Caroline Shotton) to name just two.

‘The Masters II’ limited edition on canvas board by John Wilson

John Wilson tells us that his ‘Mini Masters’ take him around four to five hours each to create and he feels he has to make them perfect to the original (except in miniature!) as firstly they are such well known and respected works of art they deserve such gravitas & secondly he feels if they were not perfect then his finished artwork would not have the same effect. In Wilson’s ‘ART’ COLLECTION there are 19 mini Masters, can you spot them all?

‘The Masters I’ limited edition on canvas board by John Wilson

The 7 limited edition pieces featured in the John Wilson ‘ART’ COLLECTION where:
– Bath Time
– Bedtime Story
– In The Spotlight
– Smile
– The Lowry
– The Masters I
– The Masters II

Stayed tuned as in our next John Wilson post we will reveal all of the John Wilson ‘Mini Masters’ from the ‘ART’ COLLECTION, and you can check your answers!

What Is Naive Art?
A World of Their Own: Twentieth Century British Naive Painters a book by Jill & Martin Leman
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Last call for the Gabriel Orozco exhibition at the Tate Modern

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The famous Mexican artist’s work is available to view at the Tate Modern and this is the largest collection seen in the UK, with over 80 pieces: photos, paintings aswell as sculptures.

Enjoy this 10 minute documentary narrated by Gabriel

Having opened on 19th January 2011 you now have just over 2 weeks to see the exhibition before it closes on Monday 25th April 2011.

‘Cats and Watermelons (1992) by Gabriel Orozco’
Tins of cat food placed on top of watermelons inside a supermarket

Gabriel likes to challenge that all ‘Serious art’ has to be ‘serious’ and he is known for simply grabbing things, trying stuff out and creating art with what he finds in front of him; he does that at home, on the road or wherever the moment takes him, perhaps that its why his art is so inventive & inspiring for me.

‘La D.S.’ (1993) by Gabriel Orozco’
A Citreon motorcar sliced into 3 long ways pieces, then placed back together minus the mid section

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Spanish Realism revisited with Gustave Courbet exhibition in Barcelona

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Spain’s Realist movement is currently being revisited with some of Courbet’s Original Artwork in Barcelona’s Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya* (MNAC)

‘La Source’ by France’s Gustave Courbet in situ at the Exhibition

Spain’s National Art Museum of Catalonia* (MNAC) is exhibiting over 80 pieces by the French artist Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) until the 10th July 2011, as well as other Spainish artists strongly influenced by his work including Bartolome Murillo & Pere Borrell.

‘Self portrait’ by Spain’s Bartolome Murillo (1617-1682)

This will be the first time some of Courbet’s pieces have ever been seen in Spain.

It reveals Courbet’s sway on the Catalonian artists of the era, in particular you will see the work of Ramon Martí Alsina, a man very much at the forefront of the birth of the Realism movement in Spain.

‘Fugint De La Critica’ by Spain’s Pere Borrell (1835-1910)


Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC)

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