Doug Hyde News – new art direction & new releases coming in September 2013

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Doug Hyde’s publisher, Demontfort Fine Art, have been circulating teaser imagery for their range of New Releases which will include a Doug Hyde collection. Set to be unveiled to gallery owners from Sunday 1st September 2013, when Demontfort Fine Art host their trade only launch day (which coincides with the NEC Autumn Fair) we expect these images to then be revealed to the public within days.

A blurred out snapshot artwork, Magnifying glass digitally inserted!

The so far singly revealed artwork (see above), has been blurred out except for the digitally inserted magnifying glass and we can see that this appears to be a very different Doug Hyde image. We believe this collection will be called ‘Rural Retreat’ and this is either the 15th or 16th collection to date by Doug (will confirm in a future post!) – a remarkable achievement in its own right.

I also believe it will depict amongst other things: dogs, cats, geese, hedgehogs & bunnies, as well as buckets & eggs! and the impetus for this is that Doug has himself has recently moved to a more rural location in the UK.

I have also been told there is at least one sculpture amongst the limited editions releases.

More to come in the coming weeks

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Christies Auctioneers are being sued for art ruined by Hurricane Sandy (2012)

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Representatives from Christie’s auctioneers will soon be defending the world famous company after a claim from AXA Art Insurance against them for failure to look after and keep safe an art collection, during the 2012 super storm.

Satellite image of the super storm

The damaged collection was owned by the late Gregor Piatigorsky & his wife Jacqueline Piatigorsky & AXA is taking action on behalf of the estate. The insurance company believes the storage service provided by Christies did not shield the artwork from the storm, even though advance warning was given of the hurricane’s strength.

The collection was being stored in Red Hook area of Brooklyn, New York & includes work by French impressionists Claude Monet (1840-1926) & Edgar Degas (1834-1917), so these are works of worldwide historical importance. Although AXA are claiming $1.5 million dollars…other experts are saying damaged cased by Sandy to art could run into many millions.

A Christie’s representative said they would not be commenting on the matter as is their policy for legal matters

Danielle Rahm from New York Fine Art Appraisers commented on the still pending influx of claims from other individuals since Hurricane Sandy:

“A tremendous amount of art was affected but it takes time to have works assessed to see the damage so clients are just now in the midst of dealing with the aftermath.”

The hearing will take place in New York.

Red Hook, Brooklyn after the storm

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Article by the Independent Newspaper
Christie’s Auction House
New York Fine Art Appraisers

Fine Art Blog is now on Facebook

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We are now on Facebook and I believe this will help us reach a wider audience of viewers.

Please feel free to use the link and ‘like’ us to receive news from us within your Facebook updates

(Click the above image, once you arrive look for the ‘Like’ button)

You can also comment on our posts and submit us your own news, opinions & images.

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Artist Craig Davison, continuing to capture childhood imaginations!

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Artist Craig Davison is able to capture the imagination of every child within us with his limited edition artwork…question is, how does he do this?

On one level he paints children and judging by their clothes (e.g. bell bottoms) they are 1970s children & this fits in with Craig’s childhood era, having been born in 1965; so visually we are drawn to thoughts of our own adventure filled younger years as we are looking at children.

‘Whooooooooow!’ a limited edition produced on both
canvas board & box canvas editions

But there us something more than this within the art which makes you connect more deeply with it, once you notice the 2nd characters within the background shadows, on the beige. It is that part of you that in the school play ground could, with the drop of a hat, turn on your dreamer mode and imagine you where some magnificent character…when’s the last time you used that ability? Instantly I think of the cartoon character Mr. Benn from the 1970s, google it!

Iconic 1970s/80s cartoon character Mr. Benn

In ‘Whooooooooow!’ the boy is peddling at speed on his chopper bike imaging he is a brave knight riding into battle or a joust. Now tell me, who didn’t imagine there push bike was some amazing motor bike, or a horse or something else?.

Taking a moment looking at ‘Guns of the Magnificent Seven’ – A recurring theme for Craig is the Magnificent Seven series of Westerns, this one paying homage to the 3rd in the series from 1969, featuring the legendary Yul Brynner. In this delightful painting one can image two rival gang innocently squaring off in the playground or in the forest or defending their secret base against some imagined enemy. These young guys managed to save the world and get home for tea time!

‘Guns of the Magnificent Seven’ a limited edition
produced on both canvas board & box canvas editions

It seems plausible that Craig Davison would have kept his childlike imagination alive as his work background meant he was both a cartoonist for such greats as ‘The Shoe People’ & ‘Huxley pig’ And later a 3d animator & designer for computer games including ‘The Hulk’ & ‘Johnny Bazookatone.’ In fact Craig your prints and artwork show me that your imagination must be at a ‘cartoonish’ level now!

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View & buy from Craig’s limited edition art collection
His Publisher produced biography
Craig Davison’s Facebook page
Watch an episode of Mr. Benn

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