Lawrence Coulson, the UK’s perennial favourite landscape artist

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Lawrence Coulson has been the UK’s perennial favourite landscape artist for more years than I care to remember & since 1999/2000 he has been in continuous published format.

Being published continuously for 14 years is an achievement few artists reach, very often falling out of vogue but Coulson’s art has that certain je nais se qu that not only keeps his work fresh & vibrant but also makes his new releases highly anticipated.

‘Majesty And Mist’ limited edition on paper

Looking to next month, we usually see a range of new releases by his publisher Washington Green Fine Art and we are hoping Lawrence will be amongst them, with wondrous new landscapes to showcase!

I was impressed with his series of limited edition released way back In February this year: ‘August,’ ‘Come With Me,’ ‘Estuary Silence,’ ‘Majesty And Mist,’ ‘Shoreline Dreams,’ ‘You Are So Much More’ – they where spectacular. They highlighted the diversity of colours he is able to work with and also the printing mediums his limited edition prints ‘work’ on. (some published on paper and some onto canvas board)

‘Come With Me’ limited edition on canvas board

Just to focus on the above image for a few moments, we can see why Coulson carries so much artistic magic in his hands. The warm ever changing colour of the glowing evening sunset set against the deep blue sea & in the foreground, leading up to the edge of the hill, we have grasses gently moving with the breeze, leading up to the majestic trees sitting silently and overlooking the horizon. Is this an English taste of paradise?

Recent photograph of the artist from his facebook page in March 2013,
yes even artists have to clear snow!

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150+ Lawrence Coulson artworks for sale
Washington Green Fine Art (his publisher)
Lawrence Coulson’s Facebook page

Artist Peter Smith – Teaser artwork for upcoming New Releases?

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Thanks to some of our followers for sending us this news, favourite UK artist Peter Smith is experimenting with new ideas for his forthcoming series of limited editions:

from Peter’s facebook:
‘Some more training I did in the background whilst creating the latest
Impossimals. This time for metal, water and shines.’

The picture added yesterday shows the artist perfecting his painting of metallic, watery and shinny surfaces and I think he is doing rather well!

September usually sees a major phase of releases by the two dominant UK publishing houses for high street art: Washing Green Fine Art & Demontfort Fine Art and we hope to see, as usual, something new and creative from Peter next month.

For me his most memorable change of direction was his ‘Lost Impossimals’ collection in February 2012 that saw Peter display Dinosaur-esque and hybrid type fanciful characters (his Impossimal characters crossed with animals) in a series of six limited edition prints and it proved a major hit!

‘Lesser Spotted Neapolitan Knickerbocker Glory’
from the ‘Lost Impossimals’ collection

We are very excited and wonder in what way his lovable characters will appear in his upcoming limited edition releases, all we know is they should have a good splashing of: water, metal & shiny surfaces!…Peter you don’t give much away!

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The Lost Impossimals collection
Demontfort Fine Art
Peter Smith on Facebook

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