Danielle O’Connor Akiyama – Canadian floral artist, simply amazing

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A truly unique floral artist Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, was first published by Demontfort Fine Art publishers in 2007 and has since gone from strength to strength and her portfolio currently stands at 8 published pieces. Her new release is called ‘Heart’s Desire.’

(Heart’s Desire by Danielle O’Connor Akiyama)

What I like about the Canadian’s work is the vibrant and bold colours that believe it or not is unique to the limited edition, Floral, art marker. I don’t think I have ever seen such striking colours on floral art before and Danielle’s work stands out from the crowd

(Moonlight Lovesong by Danielle O’Connor Akiyama)

All her work so far has been produced on ‘Box Canvas,’ which of course is another reason for its contemporary feel and the popularity of this format of art form has not declined, despite some thinking it had peaked in 2006. (see my post on the art trade’s opinion on Box Canvas’s www.fineartblog.co.uk/?p=22 )

Look at Danielle’ s ‘Hope Begins Anew’ series (I, II, III) I feel this highlights the uniqueness of her work, the bold colours set against a cold white background, wow!

(Hope Begins Anew II by Danielle O’Connor Akiyama)

My message to the artist, please keep doing what you are doing, it works!

Thank you



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  1. Wow, this is incredible work. The style of florals she creates is really stunning. We offer a number of floral paintings on our site as well at http://www.nsartonline.com

    Fantastic work! And as the other mentions, keep doing what you’re doing…because it’s working.

    Comment by Mike — August 8, 2008 #

  2. Stunning work. The color is so vibrant!


    Comment by Delmus Phelps — November 6, 2008 #

  3. Your work is damn hot!!

    Comment by Amy Megan — September 14, 2009 #

  4. We have just bought the original of “On the horizon has hope”. Is there a website or a book that we can buy specialising in her “Hope Series”?

    Comment by Bill Attenborough — October 7, 2012 #

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