The hugely talented Lorenzo Quinn & his limited edtion sculptures

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One of my favourite sculpture artists is the hugely talented Lorenzo Quinn.

Lorenzo has different projects ‘on the go’ all over the world but is known by most art buyers for his range of limited edition sculptures.

(Give & Take III, Bronze Plated version by Lorenzo Quinn)

After reading several articles on the man, I know that a tremendous amount of thought goes into each sculpture he produces and that is one of the reasons I think the public is so fascinated by him, it’s obvious he produces very personal sculptures.

(Gravity by Lorenzo Quinn)

There are a couple of things the average Art buyer doesn’t know about Lorenzo Quinn, firstly he is the son of the late, legendary, Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn and secondly his main line of work is actually larger commission pieces, much large than the limited edition sculptures (normally maximum of 24’’ inches tall) for sale on the internet.

(Photograph of Lorenzo Quinn)

I look forwarding to discussing the artist at length soon.

He currently resides In Barcelona, Spain.

Thank you


Looks like he’s done some acting and producing as well, as he has a link to IMDB

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