Sarah Jane Szikora News – ‘The Merry Widow’ & her gingerbread man new boyfriend!

February 20, 2009 on 11:12 am | In Gingerbread Men, Humour, Naive Art, Sarah Jane Szikora | No Comments

One of my personal favourites from the new release limited edition prints, by Sarah Jane Szikora, is this one:

(‘The Merry Widow’)

‘The Merry Widow,’ is a lovely happy image, reminiscent of the big hollywood musical movies of years gone by, I think we are in the finale of a great number, im sure of it!

I love the fact that nearly the whole ‘set’ is made of sweets! from jelly babies as the supporting cast, to lolly pops in the middle and even the plinth the gingerbread man & the ‘fat’ lady are standing on appears to be marshmallow, yum!

We wrote previously that there are meanings to each of Sarah’s picture and in this one, we have been reliably informed that this represents the end of Szikora’s ‘marriage’ as she is now out of contract with her previous publisher and is now a ‘Merry Widow’ which I think is a brilliant pun.

And we have her new gingerbread man ‘boyfriend’ who is happy to dance with her and accompany her in the ‘closing number’ of this big hollywood musical!

Thank you


Links for classic Hollywood Musicals:

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