Artist Caroline Shotton Movin’ collection – she gets her butt ‘branded’

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Well that got your attention! The Caroline Shotton Moovin’ Tour/collection contains 8 funky box canvases and a new sculpture but she has now diversified into branded goods, knick knacks if you will!

(Leather handbag & Leather purse by Caroline Shotton)

We have 6 items to be exact: a Pill box, Key ring, Compact mirror, Bottle Stop, Leather Handbag & Leather Purse (& of course the new sculpture)

What do you the public think of this? By the reaction to it, people have warmed to having some of Caroline Shotton’s ‘branded’ items. For one thing they are affordable momentums of Caroline’s work and for another, they are highly collectable in their own right.

(‘I Love Moo’ Compact Mirror by Caroline Shotton)

Many years ago some of the big publishing houses had the bright idea to bring out sculptures relating to a particular Limited Edition print, very often giving it the same name. I guess it follows that the time is right to add even more collectability to an artists’s name by moving into other products.

(‘I Love Moo’ Key Ring by Caroline Shotton)

If this is handled right and in a limited capacity, yes I know the key ring is a limited edition of 2000! but if they do this with a limited number of artists, a limited number of times, I think it will be highly successful addition to their range.

(‘I Love Moo’ Pill Box by Caroline Shotton)

There are people who have bought sculptures (e.g. one of Caroline’s) who have never bought a picture before but they end up buying one of her box canvases. In the same way some people might by a bottle stop, and then progress to buying her art, the Diamonds Are For Heifers is a brilliant example (see below)

As they say on the compare the meerkat advert, simples!

(above top, Diamonds Are For Heifers box canvas, & below is the new sculpture of the same name by Caroline Shotton)

(‘I Love Moo’ Bottle Stop by Caroline Shotton)

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