Artist Steven Binks at work on his latest limited editon print ‘Chasing The Past’

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Steven Binks latest limited edition print ‘Chasing The Past’ is very special indeed. Like many of his other vintage tractor & machinery art, this is yet another first! For the first time in Limited edition print format Steven has painted 3 unique combine harvesters together.

(above Steven painting ‘Chasing The Past’)

Steven sent us this photo some weeks ago & it shows him busy in the middle of painting ‘Chasing The Past’ as you can see, at this stage only the lead combine harvester, the Massey Harris 21 is present.

Nearly forgot! The 3 combines featured are:
-Massey Harris 21
-Massey Ferguson 780 Special (Steven’s own combine, with him driving)
-Massey Ferguson 500 (The combine used in his “60’s Harvest – No.2” Limited edition print)

These photos offer an unprecedented insight into the artist’s painting technique as he is clearly working closely with numerous photographs he has taken of the combines.

Steven Binks is a very unique talent indeed and he tells us that an ‘average’ (although no Binks painting could be called average!) takes 1 week full time, the problem is an artist as popular as Steven is very busy with other projects, appearances and setting up his next paintings…

(Above is the original painting of ‘Chasing The Past’ near completion)

…Steven tells us he likes to arrange for a tractor or a combine to literally be in the field at work & if he can to drive it himself during the shoot! and take photos of the machine, in preparation for starting his painting back at the studio.

More to come soon

Thank you


Useful Links:
Massey Harris No.21
Massey Ferguson 780 Special
Massey Ferguson’s company homepage


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  1. p.s. we have the Massey Harris 21 & the other two combines are also known by their short hand MF 780 &
    MF 500, MF short for Massey Ferguson thanks John

    Comment by admin — October 14, 2009 #

  2. I have just started painting again after 4 years but I realised that I had lost a lot of my techniques. After looking at the pictures of Steven Binks I found it interesting to see that he has the picture of what he wants to paint but in different sizes and also pictures of certain objects that he wants to focus on. I think I will do that. One can’t just jump back into painting and expect to be as good as before and I also like knowing that it takes time for even an expert especially if you want it to be perfect. Thank you

    Comment by H.C. Hardmark — October 29, 2009 #

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