Timmy Mallett – from ‘Im A Celebrity, Get me…’ to the art gallery?!

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In our previous blog on Timmy Mallett, we delved a little into his past & how his love for art began many years ago. Today we will start to comment on his actual art work.

After his stint on British TV’s “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” 2008, Timmy made the decision to concentrate more on his art & the process of choosing which of his painting he felt where good enough to produce limited edition prints from.

Many remain surprised to hear that he paints & on viewing his art, are even more surprised at the depth of his artistic talent.

‘A Day At The Seaside’ limited edition by Timmy Mallett

I do feel his painting style juxtaposes his zany personality and wacky dress sense because he often uses sombre colours in his pieces & typically he paints ‘traditional landscape’ subject matter: such as fields, streets and houses. However, I can see that he subtly adds unorthodox colours to his art, brightening up pictures and giving them a somewhat unique ‘Timmy’ style.

‘Tower Bridge’ limited edition by Timmy Mallett

‘Tower Bridge’ is one such piece. He has added purple and blue as well as a little green, which help accentuate the reflections on the river Thames. I love what he has done with the colouring here, making the piece vivid & eye catching despite being quite dark. To see its true greatness you need to be in its presence as a computer screen can not do it justice.

‘Oh To Be In England’ Original painting by Timmy Mallett

Again ‘Oh To Be In England’ is another painting you need to be in front of to truly appreciate & take in. Clearly painted with the use of oil, the cliffs are built up with thick paint and the sea and the sky have there own unique colours & textures. As you gaze more at the picture you notice the castle on the landmass and to the right of it your eye flickers over to the church on its right. A few more minutes starring & the seagull then comes into view, what a subtle use of white paint to create the little fella. As an artwork it is superb & clearly Timmy has a talent that has only just started to come to fruition.

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  1. Hi Timmy,
    I will be the first to comment, great work! I really like your style.

    Take care,

    Comment by Ella Charette — March 14, 2011 #

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