Artist Paul Kenton paints London, Paris, Sydney & back to the City Of London again!

March 6, 2010 on 9:10 pm | In Box Canvas, Cityscapes, New Releases, Paul Kenton | 3 Comments

Good news, Paul Kenton’s new art work is now available for sale and how amazing does it look!

There are 5 new pieces and once again he has done something slightly different:
New colour schemes, new views for his first releases of 2010!

‘Harbour Lights’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

‘Harbour Lights’ is his first Australian picture and it looks brilliant. The colours he has used are so different to his older pieces, yet it really suits this painting of Sydney Harbour. I just love the colours in the sky and the reflections of colours in the water. Partly in keeping with his old style of black lines, to show movement, he has painted the bridge, most likely with his trusty screwdriver! This really makes the bridge stand out against the background.

‘Westminster Walk’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

‘Westminster Walk’ once again shows Kenton’s diversity in his use of another intriguing array of colours. The piece is silver-grey with just a dash of pink to brighten the sky. His signature style once again shows through in his use of bold black lines but there is also more focus on the background, notice his subtle painting of reflections in the Thames river.

‘Cafe Au Lait’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

Paul has really diversified his style this time, if you look at “Cafe au Lait” you will see that it is completely different to “Cafe Rouge” or “Cafe de Paris” because he has not used his signature style; thick, bold black lines and little colour. In this piece, the background buildings have been beautifully painted in great detail, and the people in the cafe are lightly painted without being totally filled out, with no use of bold black lines & yet instantly recognizable as Paul Kenton’s work.

‘London Red’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton

‘London Red’ in my opinion is the focal piece of the New Releases & I think is his largest box canvas to date. The piece is a marvel to behold in the flesh, & signifies how far Paul has come as an artist – combining all his strengths and signature colouring, the London Eye in the centre right of the picture is the ‘white’ icing on the cake. We will blog more on this piece shortly.

There are five in total, all completely different to the next, and all equally brilliant in their uniqueness. Please feel free to leave us a comment and tell us which one is your favourite and why.

‘After Hours’ limited edition box canvas by Paul Kenton


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  1. these are disgusting

    Comment by Philip — March 6, 2010 #

  2. Combination of natural and abstract. QUite artistic for my livingroom.

    Comment by pop art — March 31, 2010 #

  3. Bloody hell…what utter papp. Terrible work. You HAVE to be kidding me…this is like going backwards in the evolution of taste and quality. FAIL!!!!

    Comment by Chaz — September 3, 2010 #

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