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Good news Szikora fans!!! More new art from Sarah Jane Szikora, one of the UK’s best loved humorous artists!!

‘Ladies Wot Lunch’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

Yes, more gingerbread people, more fat ladies and more crazy humour is in store for you!!

‘Rude Food’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

“Rude Food”, Szikora’s new gingerbread piece, we are expecting to be extremely popular. In fact it might even be a sell-out within weeks!! As Sarah has a massive fan base who follow her gingerbread art specifically! I love her crazy imagination & would love to know what goes on inside her mind for a day! A pole dancing gingerbread lady;) honestly…

‘Home Sweet Home’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

As well as this piece we have “Home Sweet Home” where we have a family; a gingerbread man and a chocolate bunny! And they have some mixed-race children. That is to say, the children are gingerbread with *ahem* bunny ears and a bunny tail!!! Szikora will never cease to amaze us I’m sure!

‘Blushin’ Dolls’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print & box canvas)

I don’t want to bore you with descriptions of her art when you can see it for yourselves but you really must see it, her sense of humour is amazing, if a little nefarious at times. Blushing Dolls is really amusing once you realise what’s so funny about it. For me, it took several glances at the picture until I clocked it!

‘Pet Grooming’ by Sara Jane Szikora
(limited edition paper print)

The Story Of The Gingerbread Man
What is a Russian Doll?




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  1. such great images and i like the small twist of humour added to them.

    Comment by Merissa — April 20, 2010 #

  2. I love the pole dancing gingerbread lady, they are all great original artworks, very good!

    Comment by bill — April 22, 2010 #

  3. I love the picture, so wonderful

    Comment by lydia — June 14, 2010 #

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