Lord Of The Rings – What’s Gandalf upto nowadays? – artist Paul Horton

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I recently saw some great pieces of artwork and they made me think of Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings!…
‘The Secret Path’ by artist Paul Horton:

‘The Secret Path' by artist Paul Horton

Well take a look at these pictures and tell me what you think the story is behind each? What’s Gandalf up to nowadays?

Well ‘The Secret Path’ is obvious…it’s late at night and Gandalf was indoors watching X-factor on TV and realized he was all out of Coca Cola and Pringles and he decided to nip to the 24 hour garage for some supplies.

He lives in a nice part of town but it’s very cold and they get a lot of snow….oh yes and his torch (flash light) ran out of batteries so he had to take a lantern!

‘When Magic Calls’ by artist Paul Horton:

‘When Magic Calls’ by artist Paul Horton

Oh my god this is so obvious….the family at No.10 are throwing a birthday party for there 7 year old and they have hired a children’s entertainer…little did they know that they hired someone who does real magic!…That’s Gandalf there, he’s just arrived but unfortunately even he is not powerful enough to know which house is No.10, there’s no door numbers!

‘Shadowlands – Resin Sculpture’ by artist Paul Horton:

‘Shadowlands – Resin Sculpture’ by artist Paul Horton

Ok well again I know straight away what happened. Gandalf arrived at the 24 hour garage but decided to rush the attendant too much to get his Pringles…little he did he know that the guy was the evil lord Sauron in disguise or was he a Nazgul? I can’t quite remember…anyway basically Gandalf was rude to him and he got turned into stone…only the lantern remained.

I wonder if the artist Paul Horton, who created these pictures and sculptures, knows the story behind them as well as me? lol

This is my favourite, I think it’s taken from Gandalf’s driving license!
‘The Wizard’ by artist Paul Horton:

‘The Wizard' by artist Paul Horton

thank you


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