Doug Hyde – great paintings, great St. Valentines Day images

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Well the talented British artist that is Doug Hyde has released some new releases for St. Valentines Day 2008 and I just love them!

(‘First Date’ by Doug Hyde:)

First Date by Doug Hyde

Doug’s images with dogs (normally a black dog) have always been really strong images for him that the public has gone crazy for; who knows why? Perhaps it is the cuteness of the pictures that we associate so strongly with are own pets, I mean pets are cute right?

(‘Our Place’ by Doug Hyde:)

Our Place by Doug Hyde

Introducing a new character for Doug, he gives us a Bunny Rabbit! of all creatures…with massive floppy ears!..I think he’s very fluffy and cute and reminds me of the cuddly toys you can buy.

‘First Date’, a very apt title for Valentines Day is also a great image and brings together again, some of the best elements of Doug Hyde’s work: the little people, the hearts, the kisses and again the lush red background and I notice they have brought out a bronze representing the picture (First Date – Bronze Sculpture) and it’s smaller but more affordable than all previous bronzes which retail for nearly £500.00 upwards.

(‘Big Foot’ by Doug Hyde:)

Big Foot by Doug Hyde

Happy Valentine’s day everybody! mwah lol

thank you


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  1. Im such a huge fan of doug hyde artworks and have been for a few years. I am a fond collector of and I have just started to collect his sculptures too.


    Comment by Sarah Hillier — August 4, 2009 #

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